Katie Price reveals the moment she thought she’d KILLED love rival

Pricey thought, 'F**k, have I murdered her?'

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The revelations keep on coming from Loose Women panellist Katie Price.

She has now spoken out about the time when she was so enraged with former friend, that she thought that she’d murdered her.

Recalling the moment that she caught Jane Pountney in a sexual act with her husband Kieran, Pricey was terrified that she’d killed her.

They were all on holiday having fun but it seemed that Jane and Kieran were looking to have a little too much fun.

Rest assured, Katie wasn’t going to take this lying down.

During An Evening With Katie Price at Gateshead, she said: “I saw these two silhouettes and as I got closer I could see it was Jane and Kieran.

“She was w*****g him off and they were kissing.

“I stood there for 30 seconds thinking ‘Oh my God,’ and then I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it right back and I heard her neck crick.

“She didn’t move and I thought, ‘F**k, have I murdered her?’”

The events are still raw for Katie and she was still feeling emotional as she recalled the events.

She continued: “Kieran standing there like a dirty b*****d zipping his f*****g c**k up and then she started moving.

“I went, ‘I knew it, you f*****g s**g. I f*****g knew it and I’m pregnant.’”

This was not the only time that Pricey thought she’d done some harm to Jane.

There was another incident where the 38-year-old former glamour model punched her friend in the face and knocked two teeth out in the process.

Despite launching an attack on Jane, fists flailing, Katie said that the she had confused emotions.

Pricey said: “You’re punching but in your head you are like, ‘You’re punching your best friend what are you doing?’ but at the same time you just caught her with your husband.

“It’s so weird it is like I want to punch you but I don’t want to hurt you. It is just confusing.”

She has now forgiven her husband Kieran, though it seems she will never forget his transgressions.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor