Linda Nolan on family rift that was healed by cancer diagnosis: ‘Everything else pales into insignificance’

Linda has incurable cancer

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Linda Nolan has opened up about a past fallout she and some of her sisters had which was healed by Bernie’s cancer diagnosis.

The star, who has incurable cancer, shared her thoughts on the news of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis this week. The monarch, 75, has been diagnosed with a “form of cancer”, Buckingham Palace shared this week.

In her latest column, Linda said the diagnosis feels “so unfair” as he has “waited so long for the top job”.

Linda Nolan smiling with hand on her hip
Linda spoke about Charles’ cancer diagnosis (Credit Photo Brett D. Cove/

Linda Nolan on King Charles’ cancer

She said in her column for the Mirror: “Cancer is unfair. I know that. We all know that. Strip away the crown, palaces and private care, and, for once, I know exactly how Charles will be feeling. We’re suddenly just two humans, who, under all the positivity, are scared.”

Linda went on to speak about the reports that Charles’ cancer diagnosis could help his alleged rift with son Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex recently visited his father from California. They reportedly had a 30 to 45-minute meeting before Harry flew back to California on Wednesday.

Linda said: “I’m sure he’s looking for silver linings as we all do, there is at least one. Prince Harry has come home.

King Charles smiling in blue suit
King Charles has a “form of cancer” (Credit:

Linda on family ‘fallout’

“When Bernie was very ill with her cancer some of us sisters had fallen out and hadn’t been speaking. But the moment the news came all that stopped and paled into insignificance. We got together in Blackpool and except for Bernie declining her usual attempt at performing Riverdance, we were as we’d always been.”

In addition, she added: “Family is the most important thing, cancer makes that very clear.”

Linda‘s sister Bernie sadly died in 2013 from breast cancer. Meanwhile, Linda herself is currently battling cancer. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. It returned as incurable secondary cancer in her hip in 2017 and by 2020 had spread to her liver.

Linda Nolan and sister Bernie
Linda said sister Bernie’s cancer diagnosis healed a family fallout (Credit Photo Zed Jameson /

Meanwhile, last year, she sadly confirmed the cancer had spread to her brain. In December 2023, Linda shared an update on her cancer and she had some “good news”.

Appearing on GMB, she said: “I knew straight away it was good news by the look on my consultant’s face.

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“He said the scans were good – MRI and CT scans. And that there’s shrinkage, with the tumour so… I wanted to put my arms around him and kiss him but I thought they might throw me out!”

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