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Linda Robson’s net worth as daughter takes control of her finances after debt struggles

Linda's admitted her kids look after her funds

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Loose Women star Linda Robson has recently revealed that she’s put herself in a “lot of debt”, with her daughter managing her finances.

But what is the Birds Of A Feather star’s net worth? And what has she said about her money struggles in the past?

Linda Robson on Loose Women
Linda’s kids look after her finances (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women star Linda Robson in a ‘lot of debt’

Earlier this week on Loose Women, Linda revealed that her kids look after her finances. This is because she says she isn’t “very good with money”.

“I put myself in a lot of debt because I was earning so much money years and years ago,” she said.

“And then the money stops coming in. So now on a Monday and Friday I get pocket money.”

She then said: “Sometimes if I need more money I have to ring up and cry. ‘Please can you let me have a few more bob. I’m going out with the Loose Women or something.’ Then they will pass the money over.”

However, she added that her daughter, Laura, is “really hard” and won’t hand over money when she asks for it.

Linda struggled after Birds Of A Feather (Credit: ITV)

Linda Robson net worth: Star was ‘broke’ after Birds of a Feather

Back in 2017, Linda revealed on the show that she had been “broke” after Birds Of A Feather finished.

“Probably early 2000s or whatever, 15/16 years ago, I run up quite a lot of debts because Birds Of A Feather had finished and there wasn’t a lot of work around and I’d been used to having a really good income,” she said.

“Eventually, I got a big tax bill in, I owed money to the bank, I tried to pay everything back and I got myself in a state,” she added.

“I was laying there in bed every night, worrying, ’cause Mark had always said to me: ‘You’re spending too much money, this is all gonna come to a stop one day, you’re going to get yourself into trouble’.”

Eventually, Linda told her husband Mark, and he helped her out with her debts.

Linda Robson on Loose Women
Linda was almost scammed (Credit: ITV)

Linda avoided being scammed because she doesn’t know her bank details

In February 2023, Linda spoke about a time she almost got scammed. However, she didn’t provide the scammer with her bank details because she doesn’t know them.

“I don’t have my bank details,” she said. “I get pocket money on a Monday and a Friday because I spend all my money so I don’t even know my bank details.”

Linda Robson
Linda’s worth a lot of money (Credit: CoverImages.com)

What is the net worth of Linda Robson?

Following her past money struggles, what is Linda’s net worth in 2024?

According to various sources, Linda has a reported net worth of between £1m and £4m.

It isn’t known how much she earns for her role on Loose Women, which she has been appearing on since 2012.

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