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‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl DNA test update issued as Dr Fia vows to get ‘justice’

She is adamant she wants to protect Kate and Gerry's teenagers

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An update on a DNA test with “I am Madeleine McCann” girl Julia Wandelt has been issued by Dr Fia Johansson.

On an Instagram Live post on March 22, Dr Fia shared new details of Julia’s quest to uncover her identity.

Last month she shot to worldwide prominence when she posted on social media to claim that she could be missing Madeleine.

Since then, she has travelled to America, where Dr Fia lives, and has taken a DNA test.

Julia is also undergoing medical tests after doctors shared their fears that she may have leukaemia.

I am Madeleine McCann girl Julia smiling at dinner
Julia first shot to worldwide prominence in mid-February (Credit: Instagram)

Madeleine McCann DNA test update issued

Earlier this week, Dr Fia revealed that Julia is awaiting the results of her DNA test.

She then went on to claim that, once they are back, they will be checked against Madeleine’s.

However, Dr Fia explained that there is no need for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, to be involved in the process because, she alleged, the DNA needed to check it against is already held on file.

Dr Fia said: “At this moment we don’t know if Julia is Madeleine McCann or not. All the other facial apps, it’s not really valid and legit until the DNA test comes back.

“A lot of you ask, why are you lot not asking Kate and Gerry? There’s no need, because Madeleine McCann’s DNA is already there, they don’t need to get involved,” she claimed.

“They have teenagers, they need to protect them and their privacy,” Dr Fia added.

ED! has contacted the McCanns for comment on Dr Fia’s claims.

Kate McCann looking pained during an interview
Kate and Gerry McCann don’t need to be involved in the DNA test, Dr Fia alleged (Credit: YouTube)

So what happens next?

Dr Fia went on to explain what will happen once she gets Julia’s DNA results back.

We will match with the DNA of Madeleine McCann or anyone else out there that’s looking for their kids that went missing at that time.

She said: “So when the DNA test comes in, which I am really badly waiting for that and checking every day, we will match with the DNA of Madeleine McCann or anyone else out there that’s looking for their kids that went missing at that time.”

Gerry McCann looking pained during an interview
Gerry and Kate have other teenage children and Dr Fia appears keen to protect them (Credit: YouTube)

Dr Fia then addressed the possibility that perhaps Julia isn’t Madeleine.

“A lot of you telling me what if she’s not Madeleine McCann, what if she’s not anyone’s child, what is if she is her mother’s real child?” she said.

“Well then I have to say I’m sorry Julia that you have such a heartless mum,” she declared.

Dr Fia also made a vow to Julia, who is now staying in the celebrity psychic’s Californian home.

“What I can promise Julia is to bring justice to Julia. I am here to bring justice to Julia,” she said.

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