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The Finish Line star Roman Kemp was dumped by ex after she mistakenly thought he was having an affair with Capital FM co-star

Roman and Vick worked together on Capital FM

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The Finish Line star Roman Kemp – who is hosting the show today (Thursday, May 30) – was once dumped by an ex for a bizarre reason.

The star, 31, opened up on the incident during an interview back in 2020…

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The Finish Line star Roman Kemp on disastrous end to relationship

Back in 2020, Roman and his Capital FM co-star, Vick Hope, sat down for an interview with

During the interview, Roman revealed that Vick had actually been partially to blame for the end of one of his previous relationships.

The TV star explained that three years prior, he had been dating a Greek woman. He went on to say that she didn’t read the papers or know what he did for a living, something he branded a “nightmare”.

Roman then went on to say that he and Vick had gone to MTV’s EMA’s when Vic’s dress fell open.

“Obviously I’ve seen it, so I’ve run over and helped her out, done up the back again. So that’s what all the photos that ended up in the newspaper were, just me helping Vick do her dress up again,” he said.

Roman Kemp and Vick Hope posing on the red carpet
Vick was inadvertently involved in the end of Roman’s relationship (Credit:

Roman dumped over affair allegation

Roman then continued, saying that when his girlfriend saw the pictures, she “flipped out”.

“The girlfriend I had at the time, the Greek girlfriend who had no idea what I do or my relationships with anyone, saw this photo, flipped out and then didn’t really like me again,” he said.

“Basically broke up with me because she thought I was having an affair with Vick. She’s like my sister, I don’t think of her in that way,” he then added.

Vick then added that it was “mortifying” for all involved.

Poor Roman!

Roman Kemp on a podcast
Roman opened up (Credit: BRITs / YouTube)

The Finish Line star Roman Kemp on his worst presenting experience

Back in April, Roman appeared on the BRITs Red Carpet Treatment podcast.

During his appearance on the pod, Roman opened up about his worst presenting experience.

“One of my worst presenting moments was when I was interviewing Sir David Attenborough and the producer that was in the earpiece in my ear was going ‘he’s running over, you got to wrap him up. You got to wrap him up’,” he said.

“That’s the only time I’ve ever taken the earpiece out my ears and said ‘I’m sorry. I’m not doing it. Yeah, can you tell that man- he was giving a full speech so, you know,” he then added.

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The Finish Line airs today (Thursday, May 30) at 4.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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