Chloe Khan’s ex Stephen Bear gets cozy with Jemma Lucy

Are the inked up pair love’s young dream? Pass the sick bucket!

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Hang on a minute. Whatever happened to the great love affair between Chloe Khan, the self-proclaimed queen of Leeds and well renowned king of fools Stephen Bear?

Of course, the reality bubble is over and the cameras have stopped rolling so life has got back to normal.


Except normal for Bear isn’t quite like it is for the rest of us. Because life for him is one long reality show….

Already linked to another of his Ex On The Beach co-stars Lillie Lexie Gregg, he is now apparently getting pretty close to busty Z-lister Jemma Lucy, who from recent Instagram pics, is no shrinking violet.

Just this week she posted (and swiftly deleted) a saucy pic of herself in just a black bra wearing a cap with the image of bear on it.

Awww, how sweet eh? Well sweet, if you like seeing a pouty tattooed reality star flashing her baby maker for everyone to see.

Accompanying the text, Jem wrote: “Loving my new maroon @bear_wear snap back! Get yours I love them.”

The pic was posted just before Bear posted a video clip of the pair of them taking time out from their day jobs (er, what are they again?) larking about in their undies in a hotel room.

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So is something going on between them? Do we care? Well of course we do, because if any one who goes on and on about something on social media we are instantly interested, right? Er….

But don’t get too excited – Bear and Jem might not be the next Romeo and Juliet.

In spite of them arriving in Dublin looking cuddly, Jemma has taken to social media (of course) to say that the pair of them are just mates!

She wrote: “Can I please state that bear is my very good friend and that’s it! WE ARE NOT DATING why can’t two people be close mates without all this.”

Perhaps she doth protest too much!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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