Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

Kate praised on Princess Diana anniversary for ‘respectful nod’ to mother-in-law

Kate and her mother-in-law are considered so alike

Princess Diana died 25 years ago today, with the anniversary thought to be being marked privately by Princes William and Harry.

Kate Middleton, however, has been praised by one royal expert on the anniversary of her death.

She noted Kate’s respectful nods to Diana, highlighting how Kate is a “model royal”.

On the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, royal experts have drawn comparisons between her and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Princess Diana
Kate Middleton has been compared to the late Princess Diana (Credit: Cover Images)

Kate’s nod to Diana praised on anniversary of her death

Katie Nicholl, royal correspondent for Vanity Fair, said Diana’s legacy was unmatchable but Kate has made her own image as a royal.

She said: “I think one of the great strengths of Kate, and one of her real successes, is that she hasn’t followed in Diana’s footsteps.”

She added: “I don’t think she seeks to emulate Diana. I think she was so aware of the comparison right from the outset, but despite the weight of that engagement ring on her finger, she is actually a very different woman.”

I think a respectful nod, a respectful tribute.

Katie added that the duchess’ “success” has been in “carving her own identity in the royal family” and “making that role herself”.

Subtle stylish tributes

One particular nod from Kate to Diana has been in her wardrobe.

When Kate gave birth to her children, comparisons began between over how they dressed in their first appearance after birth.

Nicholl commented that Kate’s fashion choices had “echoes of Diana”.

She explained: “I think a respectful nod, a respectful tribute. Really, it’s a respectful nod and an acknowledgement of the continuation of history.”

Of course, after the birth of George, Kate wore a blue and white dress that was similar to one Diana wore.

After Louis’s birth she was in the red, “that was very Diana”, said Nicholl, noting “Diana wore the same kind of dress”.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry at Royal Ascot
Kate Middleton has been praised for her ‘respectful’ nods to Princess Diana )Credit: Cover Images)

Kate has also earned a sweet nickname similar to Diana

Duchess Kate has been known in recent years for her charity work, earning her the moniker of ‘The Children’s Princess’.

With Princess Diana affectionately known as ‘The People’s Princess’, the comparison is clear.  As a result, plenty of royal fans have taken to Twitter in recent months to use the sweet nickname.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is proving yet again why she is the Children’s Princess. She loves working with and working for children.

“Catherine is wonderful and I’m excited to see the things she will do in the future,” one fan tweeted.

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