Prince Harry ‘deserting his family’ would have left Diana ‘heartbroken’ as he and William set for separate appearances at event

The brothers will make appearances at an event on Thursday

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Prince Harry and Prince William are set to take part in a ceremony paying tribute to their late mother for the Diana Legacy Award.

The Prince of Wales will attend the event at the Science Museum in London on Thursday night in person. According to reports, he’ll give a speech to mark the charity’s 25th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Harry will join a video call with award winners. However, this will happen when William has left the ceremony.

Prince William smiling at royal service
Prince William will attend an event for the Diana Legacy Award (Credit: Cover Images)

William and Harry

Ahead of the brothers’ appearances at the event, Paul Burrell has spoken out about their relationship in a new interview.

Paul was Diana’s butler from 1987 until her death in 1997. Speaking to Slingo, Paul said he believes Diana would “not be happy” with how Harry has “deserted” his post in the royal family.

If she was still alive, none of this would be happening.

He said: “I saw first-hand Diana raise William and Harry and it was always Harry’s duty and his job to be a wingman for his brother.

“He always knew that William would be king and Harry would be second in charge, but something happened, and that was Meghan. She changed his world and turned it upside down. Diana would not be happy with the way he has deserted his post. He has not only deserted his post, he has deserted his family and his country.”

Prince Harry looks serious as he turns his head
Paul Burrell said Prince Harry has “deserted” his family and role in the royal family (Credit: Cover Images)

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He went on: “Diana always knew that the price to pay for an extremely privileged life, which they have, is public service, and Harry hasn’t paid that price.

“If she was still alive, none of this would be happening because she would still have her hands on the reins and she would still be steering her children.

“She would be proud of William but she would have a broken heart over Harry because she would be torn over the love for her son and the desertion of his duty.”

Princess Anne smiling at royal service
Paul Burrell said Princess Anne is the only royal to “save” the family (Credit: Cover Images)

William and Kate latest

Meanwhile, Paul opened up about how the Prince of Wales might be coping amid his wife Kate‘s recovery from abdominal surgery and his father King Charles’ treatment for cancer.

Paul said he believes “the only person that can save the monarchy” is Princess Anne. He said to Slingo: “William is too tied up with his family: he likes to be very hands-on which he inherited from Princess Diana.

“Princess Anne will be ‘Anne the reliable’. She is even stepping in for William and the King. She is a workhorse, she is stoic, she is reliable.”

He added: “She is everything the royal family need and she is her father’s daughter. His work ethic was the same.”

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