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Kate and Charles’ cancer diagnoses ‘must be particularly tough’ on George, Charlotte and Louis, claims Jennie Bond

'I'm sure Charles tries to shield them from it'

It’s been a difficult few months for King Charles and Kate Middleton after they were both diagnosed with cancer.

Now, speaking to OK!, royal correspondent Jennie Bond has commented on how she thinks the Princess of Wales’ three young children could be dealing with the upsetting news.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be finding the news of their mother and grandfather’s cancer diagnoses “particularly tough”, Jennie thinks.

Members of the British Royal Family attend the Christmas Day service at Sandringham
George, Charlotte and Louis ‘must be finding it tough’, Jennie reckons (Credit: Cover Images)

Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis ‘tough’ for three kids

The Prince and Princess of Wales have welcomed three children since their wedding in 2011. George is now 10, Charlotte is eight and Louis is five.

It must be particularly tough for the children to know that both their grandfather and their mother are ill.

Jennie Bond opened up about how the family dynamics may have changed since Kate and the King’s cancer diagnoses.

For the young royals, navigating their grandfather and mother’s illnesses will have been challenging, she thinks. However, Charles and Kate will have strived to maintain a sense of normalcy for the youngsters.

She said: “It must be particularly tough for the children to know that both their grandfather and their mother are ill. But I’m sure Charles, like Kate, tries to shield them from that and carries on being a fun grandpa as much as he can in their tight-knit little group.”

Currently, the Princess of Wales is recuperating at Anmer Hall in Norfolk with her children.

King Charles, Camilla, Queen Consort, Prince William, Catherine Princess of Wales, Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex on a walkabout to meet members of the public at Windsor Castle in Berkshire following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.
The Princess of Wales has formed a bond with her father-in-law (Credit: Cover Images)

Kate and Charles confide in one another

Jennie has further commented on Kate and the King’s relationship this week. The two have reportedly found solace amid their health struggles.

In his statement of support after Kate’s cancer announcement, King Charles emphasised that he was in the “closest contact” with his daughter-in-law.

Commenting on this distinction, Jennie said she was “struck” by the fact that “he didn’t say close, but closest”. This choice of phrase underscores the depth of their connection.

Jennie continued: “There’s no doubt that cancer has cemented an already strong relationship. There are so very few people in whom a senior royal can confide, certain that everything they say will be secure. I’m sure that both Charles and Kate have found it comforting to be able to discuss their emotions as well as the chemotherapy treatment and how it has made them feel.”

King Charles and the Princess of Wales’ secret lunch

It was reported that, after the Princess of Wales recorded her cancer announcement, she travelled to Windsor Castle and met the King for lunch.

Royal author Robert Hardman said: “Shortly after the Princess of Wales recorded the message, she went around to the castle, and there was a private lunch with the King. We don’t know what was discussed. But it’s very clear that he is extremely concerned about her. I think he wants to make sure that she knows that.”

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