Prince William looks down, King Charles speaks during his proclamation

Prince William and Harry’s gift to King Charles at the proclamation

A sweet gesture

Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly gifted King Charles the ‘ink pot’ he used during his proclamation.

King Charles signed an oath at St James’ Palace earlier today (Saturday September 10) during his Accession ceremony.

His witnesses Queen Consort Camilla and Prince William – who surprised many onlookers by using his left hand – were also signatories to the event.

However, even though the King’s second son Prince Harry did not have a role in the ceremony, he still had a presence of sorts.

Prince William looks concerned, Queen Consort Camilla looks forward, King Charles speaks during his proclamation
Prince William and Queen Consort Camilla watch on as King Charles speaks during his proclamation (Credit: Sky News YouTube)

Prince William and Prince Harry ‘gift’ King Charles

According to newspaper claims, the gift could be seen as a “show of support” from King Charles’ sons.

Royal correspondent Rebecca English tweeted during the event: “The ink pot on the signature table at today’s #AccessionCouncil was a gift from Prince William and Prince Harry #KingCharlesIII.”

However, the reporter did not indicate when Charles may have received the inkwell from William and Harry.

King Charles signs proclamation
King Charles signs proclamation (Credit: YouTube)

Reaction to ink pot used by King Charles

Several of those responding to the tweet were impressed by the claim.

“What a lovely touch!” said one.

“How nice,” chipped in another commenter.

What a lovely touch!

And a third wrote: “Lovely gesture but it seemed to be in the way of the King!”

Other social media users claimed the King seemed “annoyed” by “clutter” on the table.

“The King seemed annoyed with that pesky ink pot in his way,” one person tweeted.

Another claimed: “The position of the ink holder nearly spoiled the signing.

“King Charles III looked annoyed by this. [They] did a bad job there in laying out the signing table.”

And someone else added: “I enjoyed seeing the King get annoyed twice at the clutter on the table.”

Prince William looks to the side, Queen Consort Camilla holds her arm, King Charles speaks during his proclamation
Prince Harry was not part of the proclamation (Credit: Sky News YouTube)

Following the Queen’s passing, Prince William is now also the Duke of Rothesay and the Duke of Cornwall, as well as the Prince of Wales.

He also retains his title of Duke of Cambridge. His wife Kate Middleton also adds the Duchess of Rothesay, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess of Wales to her own collection of regal ranks.

Harry’s status sees him remain as Duke of Sussex. That’s because William’s new titles pass between direct heirs to the throne as the previous holder becomes monarch.

Nonetheless, the King’s younger son – and his wife – were mentioned during Charles’ first public address as monarch. He said: “I want to also express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

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