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Prince William admits ‘sadness’ in new speech as wife Kate takes on huge role

But he was full of praise for Kate

Prince William has admitted his sadness in a new speech, as his wife Kate Middleton takes on a new role.

Furthermore, the Prince of Wales gave a speech at the St Patrick’s Day Parade and spoke about his former role of Colonel of the Irish guards.

However, despite feeling sad about stepping away, the Prince assured people that Kate would be very committed to her role.

Prince William and Kate Middleton walking
Prince William will be stepping aside from his role as Colonel of the Irish Guards, while Kate Middleton will be taking on the role (Credit: Splash News)

Prince William speech

William said: “Whilst I am extremely pleased to be here celebrating St Patrick’s Day with you once again, I’m incredibly sad to be giving this speech, as it really does mean my time as your Colonel has come to an end.”

He added: “It has been one of the great honours of my life to hold that title. I’m proud of everything it stands for – just as I’m immensely proud of every single one of you.”

The Prince continued: “I may be stepping aside, but in Colonel Catherine you have a committed, focussed, and already incredibly loyal 11th Colonel.

“As you serve together over the years ahead, know that I’ll continue to watch you, with huge pride in having been one of you.”

Prince William smiling
Prince William has followed into his late mother, Princess Diana’s steps by being passionate about tackling homelessness (Credit: Splash News)

Prince William speaks on homelessness

In addition, the Prince of Wales is set to appear in tonight’s (March 17)  broadcast of BBC’s Red Nose Day.

Prince William mentions that his late mother Princess Diana would be disappointed at the lack of help for homeless people.

He says: “My mother introduced me to the cause of homelessness from quite a young age. I’m really glad she did.

“I think she would be disappointed that we are still no further on in terms of tackling homelessness and preventing it than when she was interested and involved in it.”

Furthermore, the Prince will also be seen speaking with Miles and Nawshin as part of Groundswell’s Listen Up! Project.

Miles can be seen saying: “Homelessness is about not having a safe space – it’s a very isolating life. You exist, you don’t live. Groundswell helps to give a voice to people who have experienced homelessness.”

He continues: “People who experience homelessness have solutions if you just ask them. They know what needs changing.”

Nashwin also adds: “I didn’t have a choice but to leave home. I had a lot of childhood trauma and circumstances happened around me. Coming to Groundswell and being supported to share my story has really helped me. It is powerful for people to actually listen.”

Furthermore, in 2009, Prince William slept in the streets of London to experience homelessness. Last year, he was also seen selling The Big Issue – a magazine that supports homeless people.

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