Prince William and Princess Kate against a green backdrop

Prince William ‘sends message it’s business as usual’ amid Princess Kate’s recovery with two ‘well-timed’ outings

He took George to the football and helped at a food bank

As Princess Kate continues her recovery at home, Prince William has been out and about over the past couple of weeks, sending a clear message that life is starting to return to normal.

The Princess of Wales shared the news that she was having preventive chemotherapy after doctors discovered cancer had been present during major abdominal surgery earlier this year.

It came weeks after King Charles had shared his own cancer diagnosis.

But, as both undergo treatment, Prince William has been holding the fort. And, with two recent outings, one royal expert reckons it sends clear signals that Kate’s recovery is “going well”.

Princess Kate wearing a green coat
Princess Kate recently shared her cancer diagnosis (Credit: Splash News)

Prince William signals ‘business as usual’ as Princess Kate recovers

Speaking to The Sun, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams noted that William’s recent visit to watch Aston Villa with son George and his visit to a food distribution charity earlier this week send the message that it’s “business as usual – as far as that was reasonable to be expected”.

 It sent this message that some things are going on, more or less as normal.

He said the appearances were “well-timed” and that “everything” the family does “sends a message in one way or another”.

Recovery ‘going well’

So what was William trying to get across? Well, Richard speculates that his two outings hint that the Princess of Wales’ recovery is “going well”.

He speculated: “Royals realise that every single thing they do sends a message in one way or another. It wasn’t just a question of appearing with George at an occasion that was enjoyable. It was a question of sending a signal that it was business as usual – as far as that was reasonable to be expected.”

He added: “We know William is going back to royal duties shortly. The royal family obviously needs him. This was an important appearance, simply in the sense that it was what one would call normal. Obviously, with the royal family very little is actually normal at the moment. He is clearly looking after the children as far as feasible. It sent this message that some things are going on, more or less as normal.”

Prince William standing against a green hedge backdrop
Prince William is shouldering the burden with Kate and Charles unwell (Credit: Splash News)

Public back the Waleses

Richard added that, behind closed doors, the royals are enduring “a very difficult time”. However, the Prince and Princess of Wales can both count on the support of the nation.

He added: “On the other hand, we know they’re not [normal], and we know it’s a very difficult time. He and Catherine are attached to some 50 or so patronages – for example, mental health or homelessness, or the Earthshot prize. They know perfectly well there’s this tremendous cachet when either of them are attached to a particular institution or cause. Polls have made absolutely clear where the public support lies, and the fact that they are so highly regarded.”

William promises to look after Kate

One such charity that will have benefitted from the Prince of Wales’ involvement was food distribution charity Surplus to Supper.

William was seen helping out with the cooking and deliveries earlier this week.

During the visit, one volunteer handed two get well soon cards to William addressed to the King and Kate.

William, who looked visibly moved, said: “Thank you, you are very kind.”

When she told Wills to look after Kate, he placed his left hand on her shoulder and promised: “I will.”

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