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Royal family news: Buckingham Palace aide steps down as Prince of Wales condemns ‘unacceptable’ racist comments

The incident threatens to overshadow William and Kate's tour of the US

In the latest royal family news, Prince William has condemned “unacceptable” racist comments made by his godmother Lady Susan Hussey.

Lady Sarah’s Buckingham Palace career is also over after she stepped down following the scandal.

The Prince of Wales issued a statement concerning the comments, which it’s alleged she made at a reception yesterday (Tuesday, November 30).

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Lady Susan worked for the late Queen (Credit:

Royal family news: Lady Susan Hussey quits Buckingham Palace amid racism scandal

Prince William’s godmother, Lady Susan, has stepped down from her role at Buckingham Palace today (Wednesday, November 30).

The 83-year-old was accused of making racist comments during a reception set up by Queen Consort Camilla yesterday.

The event was held as part of the UN’s 16 days against gender violence campaign.

Ngozi Fulani, the boss of London Charity Sistah Space, was in attendance, and was the victim of Lady Susan’s alleged racist comments.

Ngozi was reportedly asked by Lady Susan which part of Africa she is from.

When Ngozi informed Lady Susan that she is from Hackney, Lady Susan reportedly responded by asking a further question that could be deemed racist.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ngozi said she was so shocked by the incident that she couldn’t report it to the Queen Consort.

“It was prolonged racism. It was like an interrogation. This wasn’t just a few seconds, it was concerted over several minutes,” she said.

Ngozi Fulani on GMB
Ngozi was reportedly subjected to racist comments (Credit: YouTube)

‘We were not welcome’

Ngozi continued, alleging: “It felt, as three black women, that we were trespassers, that we were not welcome or accepted as British.”

She went on to say that she felt very “unwelcome” and “attacked”. However, she said that she didn’t want Lady Susan to lose her job.

Ngozi exposed Lady Susan’s comments in a tweet from the Sistah Space Twitter account. The tweet, which was shared with the organisation’s 18k followers, featured a transcript of the reported conversation.

Mandu Reid, of the Women’s Equality Party, was also said to be part of the conversation. Mandu spoke to the MailOnline about the incident.

She told the publication that she believes Palace staff need to be given “cultural competence training”.

“She [Lady Susan] made us feel as if we were trespassers as what should have been a very joyful event to which we had been invited to and to celebrate the work we have done,” she said.

Queen Consort Camilla
The incident took place at a reception organised by Camilla (Credit: YouTube)

Prince of Wales condemn Susan’s comments

Following the fallout from Lady Susan’s alleged racism, Prince William has come out and condemned her alleged comments.

The incident is said to have taken place just a day before Kate and William’s tour of the US and now threatens to overshadow it.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace spoke to reporters about the incident before the royal’s tour.

“I want to address the story relating to a guest attending a reception at Buckingham Palace last night,” they said.

“This is a matter for Buckingham Palace but as the Prince of Wales spokesperson, I appreciate you’re all here and understand you’ll want to ask about it. So let me address it head-on,” they continued.

“I was really disappointed to hear about the guest’s experience at Buckingham Palace last night. Obviously, I wasn’t there, but racism has no place in our society.

“The comments were unacceptable, and it is right that the individual has stepped aside with immediate effect.”

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Prince William's godmother quits after asking guest 'where in Africa are you from?'

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