Prince George looking nervous in a blue suit

Fears for Prince George amid claims learning about his destiny has been a ‘baptism of fire’

'It's a lot for a 10 year old to absorb'

The latest royal news has seen one expert raise concerns for Prince George. It comes after a roller coaster couple of years that will have brought his future into sharp focus.

Over the past couple of years Prince George has seen his great-grandmother, the Queen, celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. She then sadly passed away. He then saw grandfather King Charles take the throne and witnessed the changes that entailed. George, who turns 11 next month, attended both the funeral and the coronation.

Since then, the family has been hit with two cancer diagnoses. And, for someone who’s just in double digits, royal expert Jennie Bond thinks it’s a lot for the youngster to absorb.

Prince George looking nervous in a blue suit
It’s been an intense couple of years for the royal family, with Prince George ‘learning a lot about his destiny’ (Credit: Splash News)

Royal news: Concerns it’s too much too soon for Prince George

Speaking to OK!, Jennie claimed that George has been brought up with a solid understanding of the royal responsibilities that lie in his future.

However, the events of the past few years will have highlighted the destiny that awaits George as second in line to the throne.

Jennie speculated: “I think recent royal events have probably taught George an awful lot about his destiny. To see the Platinum Jubilee, followed by the Queen’s death, followed by all that happened after that with the change in reigns and then the coronation… that is a lot for a 10 year old to absorb.”

She then shared: “Perhaps William and Catherine would like to have introduced him to the idea of what was going to happen a little more gradually, because it’s been almost a baptism of fire. It has quite literally been ‘you’re second in line to the throne, this is your destiny’. And there it was, writ large and globally – this is what’s going to happen to you. I hope that they have taken him to one side and calmed him, explained to him and – more than anything – listened to him.”

Princess Kate touching George's shoulder
Prince George attended the Queen’s funeral (Credit: Splash News)

William and Kate’s balancing act

William and Kate have always been hands-on parents, and have shared their determination to give their children as normal an upbringing as possible.

That’s why Jennie believes behind closed doors we would see a very different side to the poised youngster we see in the spotlight.

“I’m sure that, behind the scenes, he and William have some rough and tumble, father-and-son fun. And that’s the balance that William and Catherine are helping him find. Princely behaviour when required and normal 10 year old antics the rest of the time.”

Prince William and Prince George in the stands at the footbakll
Prince William took George to the FA Cup final recently (Credit: Splash News)

Father-and-son bonding time

Jennie went on to add that William and George are super-close.

And, she said, this could be seen when the pair enjoyed some downtime at two football matches recently.

Jennie said it’s clear that George “idolises his father”. What’s more, she said that trips to the football “must make the two of them even closer”.

She also commented that they will doubtless provide “a much-needed escape from the inevitable stress of home life when someone you love so much is being treated for cancer”.

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