Sophie smiling and King Charles looking worried at Commonwealth service

Sophie’s ‘playful’ gesture to ‘impatient’ King Charles was ‘ice breaker’ at Commonwealth Day service

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A nudge from Sophie to her brother-in-law King Charles yesterday was an “ice breaker”, one body language analyst reckons.

The intimate interaction between Prince Edward’s wife, who recently became the Duchess of Edinburgh, and the monarch became visible on camera ahead of Monday’s (March 13) Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Sophie nudges King Charles during Commonwealth service
Sophie playfully nudges King Charles in Westminster Abbey yesterday (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Other members of the royal family in attendance included Queen Consort Camilla and Edward.

Also on hand were Prince William and Kate, as well as Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence.

But the moment shared between Sophie and Charles was a “first glimpse of a gesture like this” at a formal event, according to Judi James.

Sophie smiles as she nudges King Charles in Commonwealth service
She dipped her shoulder and leant into the monarch as she performed the gesture (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Sophie moment with King Charles

She told the Mirror the friendly shoulder bump from Sophie may have served to ‘break the ice’ with a ‘restless’ Charles.

Judi told the tabloid: “Whether it was the upgrade to Duchess of Edinburgh or maybe just a response to Charles’s slightly impatient-looking dithering as he waited to get on with the procession, but Sophie leant right in to give Charles a very playful shoulder-bump greeting, along with a very meaningful grin.”

Sophie beams as she nudges King Charles at Commonwealth service
The Duchess of Edinburgh then flashed a huge smile as her husband Prince Edward also watched on (Credit: BBC YouTube)

‘Startled Camilla’

Judi went on to speculate that demonstrators outside Westminster Abbey may be the reason Charles was keen to crack on.

But she also claimed the anti-monarchy protest might have affected his wife.

Charles’ air of impatience might have been prompted by what went on outside the Abbey.

Judi added: “Charles’ air of impatience might have been prompted by what went on outside the Abbey. Being greeted by jeers from the crowd from people carrying anti-monarchy banners didn’t rattle the King but it did seem to startle Camilla.”

King Charles speaks with Camilla ahead of the Commonwealth Day service
King Charles speaks with Camilla ahead of the Commonwealth Day service (Credit: BBC YouTube)

Judi also noted Camilla seemed affected by the blustery conditions before entering Westminster Abbey.

The expert said she appeared “clearly worried” about the wind possibly blowing her hat off or messing up her hair.

Furthermore, Judi suggested Kate and Anne didn’t appear as concerned by the weather as Camilla.

And Judi went on to ponder whether Camilla may have felt overwhelmed by the occasions.

Judi claimed that Camilla “looked intensely nervous here at what might have been a rather relaxed induction into life as a new Queen”.

She said her hands “shook as she held her order of service and she barely sang the words to the songs”.

Nonetheless, while Camilla attended a reception for Commonwealth leaders in the evening, Kate did not.

One correspondent claimed the Princess of Wales was “never scheduled” to attend, possibly due to childcare reasons.

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