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9 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Tom’s next victim, Amy and Matty’s wedding and Jacob’s lies

Vinny is brutally attacked

Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Tom attack Vinny as his jealousy boils over, Amy and Matty’s wedding in jeopardy and Jacob lie to Victoria sparking a huge decision from her.

Here are nine huge spoilers for what’s coming up in next week’s Emmerdale.

Tom hugs Belle on Emmerdale
Belle feels reassured by manipulative Tom (Credit: ITV)

1. Belle nervous as Tom leaves

Tom is upset to have missed out on a work trip, but soon Vanessa steps in and sorts it so he can go. But Belle is worried about being left on her own. She has no idea the puppy cam is watching her every move.

Tom reassures her and heads off on his trip, and once at the hotel he sets about watching his wife on the camera. He’s furious to see Vinny arrive at the house.

Tom looking angry in his car on Emmerdale
Vinny’s life is in danger after Tom’s outburst (Credit: ITV)

2. Tom attacks Vinny in Emmerdale spoilers

Determined to act, Tom jumps in his car and heads home. But when he gets back, Belle is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, she and Vinny are walking the dogs together. And Belle’s phone is playing up, so Vinny offers to fix it for her.

Of course, Tom is now tracking her on the app and heads to the scrapyard to catch her with Vinny. But it’s just her phone, which Vinny has repaired, sitting on the desk.

When Vinny returns to the office unexpectedly, Tom panics and smacks him over the head with a paperweight. He quickly wipes his fingerprints from the scene and leaving Vinny bleeding on the floor. Will Vinny survive?

Worried-looking Kerry approaches Amy on Emmerdale
Kerry can’t pay (Credit: ITV)

3. Amy and Matty’s wedding hanging by a thread

Matty and Amy are excited as they get ready for their big day. But they have no idea Kerry can’t find the cash. As Suzy finally catches up with her and tells her she must pay for the wedding today or it’s off, Kerry prays her necklace is worth more than Eric thinks.

As Leyla and Suzy prepare the venue on the day of the nuptials, there’s still no money from Kerry. And soon Kim is demanding payment in full…

Kerry soon has to admit defeat after only getting a pittance for her necklace. She confides in Pollard she can’t pay for the wedding and prepares herself to come clean to Amy.

Amy and Matty prepare to be married on Emmerdale
Who made it happen? (Credit: ITV)

4. The wedding is saved

Kerry is forced to admit to Amy she doesn’t have the money for the wedding. Amy, in the middle of getting ready, is devastated and Matty is blindsided by the news.

However a mystery phone call sees Leyla announce the wedding is back on. Amy arrives in her dress and the happy couple say I do. But who paid for the big day?

Victoria uSgden looks concerned as she talks to Jacob Gallagher
Vic knows Jacob is lying (Credit: ITV)

5. Jacob keeps secrets in Emmerdale spoilers

Jacob is offered a six week placement in Berlin. But he hides the news from Victoria as he’s turned it down.

Vic realises he’s not going because of her and worries the effect their relationship is having on his future.

Leyla Cavanagh explains something to stoney faced Victoria Sugden
Leyla makes Victoria see sense (Credit: ITV)

6. Victoria makes a big decision

Leyla is confused when Liam tells her about the placement for Jacob. Victoria is embarrassed as she explains the real reason Jacob isn’t going to Berlin.

Both Vic and Leyla are worried about the relationship. Not wanting to limit Jacob’s life, Victoria makes a big decision about their future…

Charles Anderson and Kim Tate look unimpressed with Billy Fletcher
Kim’s not impressed with Billy’s plans (Credit: ITV)

7. Kim shoots Billy down

With Billy pushing ahead with his plans to run his own PT business, Kim is not impressed. She shoots down his ideas and makes him question his future.

But Manpreet steps in and encourages Billy to stand up to Kim and do what makes him happy. Will Billy take her advice?

Emmerdale: Ruby and Manpreet square up
The tension doesn’t ease between Ruby and Manpreet (Credit: ITV)

8. Manpreet and Ruby go head to head

After Ruby’s official complaint about Manpreet following Caleb’s appendicitis collapse, Manpreet is trying to put things right. She goes to see Ruby in person, hoping a face-to-face chat will help. However, it’s soon clear the confrontation has only made things worse.

Charity Dingle looks surprised as Noah laughs and Sarah Sugden and Mackenzie Boyd smile
Everyone’s a bit too calm for Charity’s liking (Credit: ITV)

9. Emmerdale spoilers: Charity is uneasy

Charity can’t deal with the family’s changed behaviour around her. She tells Mackenzie she wants things back to normal. But will they all agree?

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