Beale Family

A complete history of Beale family in EastEnders from Lou to Anna and Gina

How are they all related? Are Bobby and Anna siblings?

The Beale family in EastEnders are one of the show’s most iconic clans – there have been Beales in Albert Square since the very first episode back in 1985.

But we’re not going to lie – the current bunch are particularly complicated with their links to just about every other family in the Square.

And not just one but TWO members who returned from the dead!

And now Bobby Beale is locking lips with Anna Knight and some of the EastEnders fans are really confused about whether they’re related…

So to help, here’s our guide to the Beale family tree – or the ‘family forest’ as viewers have been calling it on social media!

There are a LOT of Beales in Walford – how do they all fit together? (Credit: BBC)

The oldies

Way back when EastEnders first started, the Beale matriarch – Lou – ruled the roost. Two of her many children also lived in Walford – twins Pauline and Peter.

Lou lived with daughter Pauline Fowler and her family – husband Arthur, and kids Michelle, Mark and Martin.

Pete, his wife Kathy and son Ian were also close by. As well as Pete’s sons, Simon Wicks and David Wicks, by ex-wife Pat.

And then the family started to expand…

Ian and Cindy in EastEnders promotional picture
The more Beales the better, in our opinion! (Credit: BBC)

The next generation

Teenager Michelle shocked everyone when she got pregnant and had daughter Vicky – whose dad was older man Den Watts.

Then Ian met Cindy Williams and it all kicked off!

Cindy was always up to no good (Credit: BBC)

Cindy’s kids

Right, this is where things get a bit complicated, so pay attention!

Cindy arrived in Walford and started a romance with Simon Wicks – Ian’s half-brother. But she got fed up with his womanising ways and dumped him. Instead she and Ian got together.

A brief rekindling with Simon, though, left Cindy expecting baby Steven – she let Ian believe the tot was his and they tied the knot.

Obviously nothing stays secret for long in Soapland, and Ian soon found out. Cindy left Walford in shame.

Lucy Beale in EastEnders
Cindy’s daughter Lucy Beale was brutally murdered in April 2014, in EastEnders

More kids!

A couple of years on, Ian forgave his cheating wife, they got back together and had twins Peter and Lucy.

It wasn’t all hearts and flowers thought – in fact, just the opposite! The Beales were soon at each other’s throats again, and worried Ian would take the kids if they split, Cindy hired a hit man to kill him!

Clearly, that didn’t work! Cindy fled, and when she eventually came back to Walford, she was pregnant by fiancé Nick Holland.

Cindy got banged up, Nick deserted her, and – we thought – Cindy died after giving birth to daughter Cindy Jr.

Or not! Now we know Cindy reinvented herself as Rose, met George Knight and had two more daughters, Gina and Anna.

Steven and Lucy have both passed away.

Bobby isn’t related to Anna Knight (Credit: BBC)

Ian’s kids

Meanwhile, Ian met and married nanny Laura, who gave birth to their son Bobby.

But Laura died when she fell down the stairs. Bobby was later adopted by Ian’s next wife, Jane, who he considers his mum.

That means, that though Bobby and Anna are both Peter’s siblings, they’re not related to one another. Phew!

Patsy Palmer
Bianca is the grand-daughter of Pete Beale (Credit: BBC)

The grandchildren

Since Cindy was last in Albert Square, she’s become a granny several times over. Her deceased son Steven is dad to baby Abi Branning – whose mum Abi also died.

Peter has son Louis, named after his great-grandmother Lou Beale. And Cindy Jr has daughter Beth.

Meanwhile, Pete’s kids have also been busy making babies! David Wicks is dad to Bianca Jackson, which makes him grandad to her children Liam, Tiff and Morgan.

David also had son Joe, and daughter Karen, with wife Lorraine.

The Fowlers – Pauline Beale’s family – have also got oodles of kids.

Michelle has son Mark (whose dad is Grant Mitchell!) as well as daughter Vicky.

And Martin has daughter Bex, with Sonia. He also has daughter Hope with Stacey Slater and is a devoted adoptive dad to her other kids Lily and Arthur.

The Beales are definitely part of the history of the Square. Now Cindy’s back, they’re going to be at the heart of the drama for the rest of the year – and frankly, we can’t wait!

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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