Coronation Street's Bobby is serious

Coronation Street: Bobby announcing his departure was wonderful news, fans celebrate

Bobby realised that he wasn't wanted

Bobby Crawford recently made things worse for Roy as his false statement was exposed in Coronation Street, seeing him get arrested.

With everyone now finding out about what he did, Bobby told Carla that he was considering moving out of the flat last night (Wednesday, June 5).

Corrie fans have now been left chuffed over Bobby’s announcement, celebrating his plan to leave Weatherfield.

Carla and Bobby have a tense discussion in Coronation Street
Bobby considered leaving (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Bobby gave Carla some news

In a bid to save Roy from prison, Bobby made up a false statement. He told the police that he saw someone with a fur-trimmed hooded coat leaving Lauren’s flat.

This put Daniel in the frame as he had a coat that fitted this description. When Carla found out about what Bobby had done, she was livid but backed Bobby up.

Unfortunately, Roy soon found out about the pair’s schemes and ended his friendship with Carla over the matter.

Last week, DS Swain arrested Bobby for this false statement. And, now, despite Roy being released from prison, the truth has come out.

With Adam exposing Carla and Bobby’s lies to the Barlows, Bobby told Carla that he was going to pack his bags and move out of the flat after all of the destruction he’d caused to her life.

Carla then agreed that this would be the best option, not wanting to be around him at the moment.

Carla and Bobby have a tense discussion in Coronation Street
Fans haven’t taken to Bobby (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans thrilled with latest Bobby news

Bobby hasn’t been that popular with some fans, with the news of his potential departure delighting them.

One fan commented: “Bye bye Bobby, you won’t be missed.”

Another person added: “Bobby’s going, now there’s some good news.”


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A third viewer shared: “That is the best thing Creepy Bobby has said since he arrived at Christmas.”

A fourth person finished: “Will Bobby’s granny let him stay with her? I don’t care where he goes just as long as he doesn’t come back!”

Coronation Street: Bobby looks worried at Ken's door
Bobby’s still lingering around next week (Credit: ITV)

Is Bobby really leaving the Street?

Fans might not be happy to discover that Bobby appears in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

It’s a good job Bobby sticks around though as he’s the person who finds Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs and rings for an ambulance! Will this be Bobby’s redemption story?

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Tamzin Meyer
Assistant Soap Editor