Coronation Street fans horrified by New Year’s Eve Sally scene: ‘Disgusting and needless’

Sally went to the toilet in the street

Coronation Street fans were left appalled as Sally Metcalfe weed in Victoria Garden in last night’s episode (Friday, December 31).

As residents of Weatherfield celebrated the New Year, fans were distracted by the fact Sally Metcalfe went to the toilet outside – when she lives just a few yards away.

Sally and her husband Tim had been in the Rovers and Sally complained the queue for the toilets was too long.

Sally from Coronation Street on New Year's Eve
Coronation Street legend Sally was really going for it with the booze on New Year’s Eve (Credit: ITV)

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In a later scene Tim covered Sally as she went to the toilet in the garden.

He asked her to hurry up and she finished doing her business just as it turned midnight.

And it proved a damp squibb of a scene for viewers…

Sally wees in Coronation Street on New Year's Eve
Sally wees in Coronation Street on New Year’s Eve (Credit: ITV)

Some DID see the funny side though…

Coronation Street: What’s happening with Tim and Sally in 2022?

Tim and Sally kick off the new year with a smoothie as part of their new healthy regime. Tim tells Peter he’s booked for both him and Sally to have health checks with Dr Gaddas.

Having successfully passed their health checks, Sally reckons they deserve a treat, but Tim’s reluctant and it’s clear he’s hiding something.

Coronation Street Sally proposes a sexy night in and is hurt when Tim refuses
Sally and Tim have health checks (Credit: ITV)

Tim then makes an appointment and Sally is none the wiser.

Sally’s later disappointed when Tim won’t join her on a run, making out he needs to work.

Soon Tim gets a text confirming his cardiology appointment at 3pm.

Coronation Street Sally thinks she and Tim deserve a treat after passing their health checks, but he's hiding something
Tim is hiding something from Sally (Credit: ITV)

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When Sally finds out Tim lied about working, she’s troubled. A nervous Tim attends his appointment with the cardiology consultant who explains he’ll need an angiogram.

He rushes out dropping his wallet and when Aggie returns it to his house, he asks her not to tell Sally about the appointment.

Later Aggie secretly goes with Tim to another appointment and the consultant tells him he needs a triple heart bypass.

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