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Coronation Street: Joel being Lauren’s ‘killer’ was predictable, fans complain

Fans saw this one coming

Last night in Coronation Street (Thursday, May 30), Joel Deering was revealed to be Lauren Bolton’s ‘killer’ after attacking her.

In a flashback, Joel was seen hitting Lauren over the head in her flat before running off with her necklace.

However, some fans saw this one coming and, as a result, have now slammed the twist for being predictable.

Coronation Street's Joel is staring into a mirror after killing Lauren
Joel attacked Lauren (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Joel ‘killed’ Lauren

Thursday night’s episode of Corrie aired a huge twist in the Lauren Bolton ‘murder’ storyline as Joel was revealed to be Lauren’s ‘killer.’

With Nathan being charged for Lauren’s ‘murder’, after that, Roy was released from prison.

However, Dee-Dee wasn’t impressed to find out that her partner Joel was representing Nathan though.

Firstly celebrating Roy’s release with Dee-Dee, Joel then headed off to his car and was soon confronted by Hope.

Hope handed him back the necklace she’d found whilst cleaning his car, with a flashback then revealing Joel to have hit Lauren over the head in her flat before making off with the necklace.

Coronation Street's Lauren is lying on the floor whilst being attacked
Fans suspected it was Joel (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans saw Joel Deering twist coming

Fans of the ITV soap have been left disappointed by the hyped up reveal, noting that they’d suspected it was Joel for some time. The ‘killer’ being Joel was too ‘obvious.’

One fan shared: “I can’t say I’m shocked it was Joel, would’ve been more interesting if it was someone who people didn’t suspect like Max.”

Another person added: Tbh I wasn’t shocked it was Joel that did it, we all thought he was Lauren’s secret bf when he first joined.”

After this, a third viewer noted: “The way no one is shocked.”

A fourth person complained: “Well that was obvious, people said it was Joel from the very beginning, what a stupid storyline! Completely pointless, guess he’s now the latest in a long line of serial killers in Corrie, so let’s see how long they can drag it out for this time. Hardly original.”

Lastly, a fifth fan finished: “Joel was the killer all along, how predictable,” along with a yawning emoji.


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We didn’t see Joel move the body… (Credit: ITV)

Is Lauren actually dead?

With DS Swain branding Lauren’s case a ‘murder’ investigation, the show is having us believe that Lauren is dead – and that Joel killed her.

However, Joel wasn’t actually seen moving the body as he ran away from the scene after Lauren’s attack. So, what happened next? Is Lauren really dead?

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