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Coronation Street reveals nine upcoming storylines for the women of Weatherfield including Nick and Leanne tension and heartbreak for Dee-Dee

June looks like a busy month for these women

Viewers of Coronation Street will have watched recent episodes and will now know that Joel Deering is Lauren Bolton’s ‘killer.’

And, now, it looks as though the drama just keeps on coming for Coronation Street residents.

The soap has now revealed nine June storylines as the women of Weatherfield take centre stage – here’s what to expect.

Abi is the victim of a deepfake video post (Credit: ITV)

1. Abi’s deepfake horror

Abi recently had a deepfake sexually explicit video of her posted online. The character will now be desperate to track down the person behind it.

The month will see her relationship with Kevin get tested as she tries to get answers and the videos taken down.

Admitting that the ordeal will see Abi return to some of her old ways, actress Sally Carman shared: “I think there will be some moments where she goes into auto pilot and old behaviours resurface. We’ll have to see what happens in regards to her going right back.

“In these moments where she feels she’s going to lose everything that’s where she comes out fighting because they’re such big things for her to face losing now that anyone would react in a way that isn’t maybe an obvious reaction for them. But for someone that’s already very reactionary then yes she’s definitely going to pull on some old behaviours.”

Carla’s taking back her power (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street women: 2. Carla’s ‘no nonsense’ attitude

Viewers will have recently seen Carla’s marriage to Peter end, her nephew Bobby causing chaos to her life, and her friendship with Roy ending.

This month though, Alison King has revealed that Carla’s ready to take back her power.

Alison said: “She kick started the year by making a huge decision to end her relationship with Peter for his sake but also for both their mental health which was a really adult decision. So I think she started the year off being very strong. Then of course Bobby came along and she dealt with that in a really positive way too. She was unsure like everybody would be because of the ramifications with him being Rob’s son but she took it on the chin and dealt with it, again in a really adult way.

“After all the support she gave to Ryan, I think this maternal instinct has become a bit instilled and that has kicked in. Obviously she’s devastated about what Roy’s going through but she’s doing what she can to help him. She’s in control of her life again, she’s fiery and she’s not taking any nonsense from anybody.” Can she and Roy make amends?

Maria is putting Liam first (Credit: ITV)

3. Maria’s ‘obsessive’ parenting impacts her relationship

With Maria being worrying for Liam’s mental health, her relationship with Gary is being affected as he looks for a friend in his ex Sarah.

Liam’s suicidal thoughts will also impact Maria’s, Samia Longchambon explains: “It’s had a massive impact on Maria’s mental health, she’s had obsessive thoughts, she won’t leave Liam alone for a second. She’s not been able to think of anything else, her work has taken a backseat and so has her relationship while her focus has been on Liam, obsessively

Reflecting on Maria’s relationship with Gary, Samia added: “I think they have built a really good, strong relationship over the last few years so I think if they get through this they will come out stronger than ever but it’s whether they’ll be able
to get through it or not.”

Leanne’s been spending time with Rowan (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street women: 4. Tensions for Leanne and Nick

Leanne’s been spending time with Rowan as she gets reeled in further and further into the Institute.

With Nick unhappy with Leanne’s distance from her family, Jane Danson has admitted that the Institute could come between them.

Speaking about the Institute impacting Leanne and Nick, she responded: “Oh it definitely could! I think Leanne is pushing people away without actually realising she’s doing it and is being very self absorbed. I don’t think Leanne see’s the bigger picture of everything because certain behaviours are making her distance herself – which is the total opposite of what she’s actually trying to achieve.

“Leanne’s new mindset is all about being positive and manifesting but what she’s doing is totally alienating herself leaving everyone thinking that she’s going crackers!”

Toyah’s grief has resurfaced (Credit: ITV)

5. Toyah’s personal hell

As well as her bond with Leanne being fractured due to the Institute, Toyah is also struggling following the recent resurfacing of her grief for her stillborn baby girl.

Nick has been supporting Toyah through this though time whilst her sister remains isolated from them.

Georgia Taylor has admitted that the lack of support for Toyah from her sister is a tough one, stating: “I think it’s really difficult because Leanne’s always been her biggest ally and her biggest support. They’ve seen each other through so many difficult times, so many relationships and however many times they’ve been married or divorced or cheated on what’s remained consistent is their sisterly bond. So I think Toyah is really struggling not having that as she navigates her way through her own trauma.”

Nathan’s back on the scene (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street women: 6. Bethany’s PTSD

With Nathan back in Weatherfield, Bethany has become adamant that he was the guy who killed Lauren (although she couldn’t be more wrong!)

Seeing Nathan back on the Street will spark Bethany’s PTSD, Lucy Fallon has shared: “Obviously Bethany went through a really traumatic time with Nathan and seeing him was very unexpected which leads her to believe that she is actually imagining seeing him. I think that him being back around is going to totally knock her off her balance because it’s bringing back all of her trauma that she’s worked so hard to move on from. It’s going to be a really stressful situation for Bethany and trigger her PTSD.”

Sarah’s been confiding in Gary (Credit: ITV)

7. Sarah’s bond with Gary

Sarah and Gary have been getting rather close as Sarah even tried to kiss her ex recently. With Damon banged up, Sarah’s turned her attention towards Maria’s partner.

Tina O’Brien has admitted that the ‘bond is still there’ for the pair: “She’s got this odd connection with Gary, they always had this ability to tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell other people. I think because he saw her at her worst I think they do tend to gravitate back to that depth of emotion.


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“He shouldn’t be telling her how things have been with Maria but he did, despite knowing it’s probably not the right thing to do. Did they think they were getting up to anything, probably not, but were they breaking a certain code, yes. They’re the conversations you’re meant to have with your partner but they seem to be able to have them so much easier with each other.

“There’s definitely still a bond there, especially with Nathan back on the scene. Gary was there when Bethany went through that the first time, he knew exactly how horrific it was and rightly or wrongly I think he’s doing what he can trying to help get Nathan out of the picture.”

Dee-Dee has fallen for Joel (Credit: ITV)

8. Dee-Dee’s future heartbreak

Corrie fans will know that Joel was the one to ‘kill’ Lauren Bolton after last week’s huge reveal.

However, his partner Dee-Dee still has no idea that this is the case. Now, with Joel getting down on one knee, Channique Sterling-Brown has confessed that Dee-Dee is super in love with the Corrie ‘killer’ which sadly means that heartbreak is coming further down the line…

She shared: “Yeah, I definitely think she is head over heels for him. They have been through a lot in such a short space of time and in terms of agreeing to move forward, she is definitely someone who believes in forgiveness and now that she’s made that decision for them, she is really excited about the future. In and amongst all of the chaos of life, he’s almost like her life raft in it and is the one who is keeping her ticking over by making sure she’s fed and afloat. The relationship is definitely proving invaluable to Dee-Dee.”

Bernie has just found her son (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street women: 9. Bernie’s dilemma

Bernie’s just found her biological son Kit but he’s not that keen on getting to know her as it stands.

Adding to this, her other son Paul is dying of MND. This means that Bernie’s got a huge dilemma on her hands. Any time spent with Kit could take away from that spent with Paul.

On the topic, Jane Hazlegrove explained: “Bernie definitely realises that this is now a possibility which isn’t ideal given the horrible circumstances with Paul’s illness and the timing is of course not great. Bernie knows she’s got to play the hand she’s now been dealt with the best she can and try to make amends. She also doesn’t want to hurt the kids anymore than they already have been!”

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