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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Amy in danger as she tries to stop a potential rapist

Amy spots a guy spiking a girl's drink

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In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Friday, November 17), Amy puts a plan into action as she spends another night at the club.

As she sees a guy called Dan spike a girl’s drink, Amy feels the need to protect her.

But, will Amy get herself into trouble in Coronation Street spoilers?

Amy’s plotting something (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy goes clubbing

Tonight on the cobbles, Amy lies to her parents that the anti-spiking demo was a success.

She then tells them and Summer that she’s off to hand in an essay and finish her coursework.

However, she’s really plotting something. After giving Dylan some advice on how to deal with Mason, Amy decides to go out for the night instead of staying in.

In the club, Amy sees a guy – Dan – spike someone’s drink. Furious, she then chucks the drink out of the girl’s hand and explains to her what happened.

She then tells her that she was raped and is now trying to protect other women from suffering.

However, Amy then approaches Dan and starts to flirt with him. But, what does she aim to achieve?

Mason is controlling Dylan (Credit: ITV)

Mason makes demands to Dylan

Sean’s furious when he finds Dylan’s vapes and confronts him about selling one to Hope. He then reveals that he’s binned them all.

Tyrone and Cassie then team up with Sean and order Dylan to tell them who has been forcing him to sell the vapes.

Sean starts to become suspicious of Mason and goes to call the police. With Sean on his case, Dylan runs off.

Confessing to Mason that he no longer has the vapes, Dylan panics when Mason demands that he gives him his new designer trainers. But, will Dylan do as Mason wants?

Jenny looks forlornly at the Rovers on Corrie
What will become of the Rovers? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: The Rovers’ future is at risk

Brian upsets Jenny as he reveals that Waterfords are putting the Rovers up for sale.

He then announces that the Rovers may be turned into a block of flats. But, can Jenny stop this from happening?

Ed takes advantage of the late Norris Cole (Credit: ITV)

Ed plans to commit fraud

Ed finds a letter addressed to Norris Cole and finds a credit card inside of it.

He then pockets the card and takes a trip to the casino. But, will Ed use it?

David and Maria try to make their new jobs work (Credit: ITV)

David and Maria struggle at work

David and Maria start their new roles as joint managers at the salon but soon disagree on the topic of Vin Diesel the Weasel.

Audrey then chips in and tells them to work together or she’ll have to get rid of one of them. But, can they both work as a team?

Asha can’t stop talking to Isla (Credit: ITV)

Asha grows close to Isla

Asha’s beaming when she receives a text message from Isla. But, will this add more fuel to Nina’s jealousy?

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Coronation Street - Amy Is Questioned By The Police (15th November 2023)

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