Coronation Street comp image: Mason and Liam

Coronation Street spoilers: Mason threatens Liam with a knife

The bullying gets worse as Liam is targeted

In Coronation Street spoilers for next week Mason steps his bullying up a gear when he pulls a weapon on Liam. But will anyone come to his rescue?

After setting him up as the thief of Dylan’s trainers, Mason then has Liam covered in rubbish. But how will Liam retaliate?

Mason is out to get Liam (Credit: ITV)

Liam takes the fall

Sean wants answers over Dylan’s missing trainers as the week begins. He insists he’s going to call the school and Dylan is uneasy.

Dylan warns Mason what his dad is going to do so Mason thinks quickly. He tells Mrs Crawshaw that Liam was behind the trainers going missing. And when she searches Liam’s locker, lo and behold, there they are. It’s clear Liam’s been set up, but will she believe him?

Mason continues tormenting Liam, bombarding him with nasty messages. Dylan urges him to delete them and block Mason’s number.

However, he can’t block Mason in real life and at school the bully makes it clear he won’t forget Liam ratting him out. He promises if he ever tells on him again it’ll be Maria who suffers.

Things turn very dark for poor Liam (Credit: ITV)

Mason attacks in Coronation Street spoilers

Feeling bad, Dylan decides to bury the hatchet and apologises to Liam. But as they see Mason approaching, scared Liam runs off.

Liam soon finds himself cornered outside Victoria Court where Mason and his cronies cover him in rubbish, calling him a rat.

On the ground, Liam cowers, but when Mason starts taking pictures, he sees red and knocks the phone out of his hand. Mason goes nuts and pulls a knife.

He threatens Liam with the weapon, but will he hurt him?

Dylan and Mason looking shady on Corrie
Will Peter dish out justice to Mason? (Credit: ITV)

Dylan reeled in

Dylan doesn’t seem to be doing a good job at distancing himself from Mason. Even after the attack on Liam, Dylan continues to serve Mason’s every need.

They bunk off school together and steal a box of vape pens from Simon Barlow. But when Si reveals he’s been robbed, furious Peter steps in.

Already unhinged after the last few weeks, Peter bangs on the door of No.11. When he hears Mason taunt him about running them over in his car, Peter loses it and breaks down the door.

He makes a grab for Dylan, but what will he do to Mason? Is Peter the man to finally put an end to his bullying ways?

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