Coronation Street's Carla, Adam, Bobby

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Adam exposes Carla and Bobby’s betrayal to the Barlows

Carla isn't in Adam's good books

In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Monday, June 3), Adam finds out about Bobby’s false statement and realises that Carla was in on it too.

He then exposes both Bobby and Carla’s betrayal to the rest of the Barlows whilst in the pub.

But, how will the Barlows react to this huge revelation in Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street: Carla looks embarrassed as Daniel looks incredulous in the Rovers with Bobby and Ken and Adam
The truth gets out (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Adam finds out the truth

With Joel arranging for Dee-Dee to meet his parents, he continues to represent Nathan behind her back.

As Bethany gives him some information on Ellie, Craig then heads to her place to pay her a visit but finds out that she’s upped and left after being scared off by something.

Later on, Dee-Dee reveals to Adam that Bobby and Carla teamed up and gave a false statement to the police.

With the Barlows gathered in the Rovers, Adam then exposes the betrayal that made Daniel a key suspect in Lauren’s murder case. Can Daniel forgive Carla and Bobby?

Abi and Kevin in Corrie look unimpressed with Craig's news
Abi’s still no closer to catching the culprit (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Nina tries to help Abi

Discovering that a online troll has reposted one of the deep fake videos, Abi’s not pleased when Craig comes to see her.

He reveals that the police haven’t been able to track down the person responsible for the videos, suggesting that she hires a lawyer.

Two lads soon appear at the garage and start giving Abi some unwanted attention due to the videos.

Wanting to help Abi out, Nina then suggests that she contacts the online management company that Dev used for Asha. Will this work?

Simon and Leanne hug as Simon leaves Coronation Street
Goodbye Simon! (Credit: ITV)

Simon leaves Weatherfield

Leanne comes back home after her Institute retreat after staying an extra night due to a workshop that overran.

She’s livid when she realises that Simon has decided to join Peter on the yacht though, upset that nobody informed her.

Nick tells her that he gave the message to Rowan to pass on, with Leanne explaining that he never did.


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

Feeling as though Nick and Toyah had teamed up against her, Leanne says goodbye to Simon as he leaves the cobbles.

She then turns on her laptop and tells someone that she misses them whilst on a call. Who is she talking to?

Sam and Roy talk on Coronation Street
Sam wants a chess partner (Credit: ITV)

Sam wants a chess buddy

Nina comes up with an idea as Sam admits that he hasn’t got anyone to play chess with. What’s her plan?

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