Coronation Street's Calum Lill as Joel Deering in a promo pic

Coronation Street star Calum Lill explains why Joel ‘killed’ Lauren – and that he’s doing to do it again as soap hints Bethany is his next victim

Is he about to target someone else?

During tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (Friday, May 31), Bethany visited Ellie in a bid to get some more evidence against Nathan.

With Bethany snooping around where she wasn’t wanted, Joel then fixated himself on photos of her.

Corrie actor Calum Lill has now explained why Joel attacked Lauren whilst hinting that he’ll offend again…

Ella looks scared as Bethany shows her a photo in Coronation Street
Bethany hoped to get answers from Ellie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Bethany in danger from Joel?

Viewers of Corrie will know that last night (Thursday, May 30) saw a flashback air. In this, Joel was revealed to have attacked Lauren in her flat.

Tonight, Bethany visited Ellie after Nathan was charged for Lauren’s ‘murder.’ She was sure that Ellie had been groomed by Nathan.

With Bethany showing Ellie a photo of Nathan, Ellie agreed that he’d been the client who had turned into more of a boyfriend.

After Bethany went home, and with Ellie explaining that she wouldn’t be going to the police or to court, Joel then emerged and gave Ellie some cash.

Back at Dee-Dee’s place, Joel then waited for Dee-Dee to go to sleep. He then took out his tablet and started zooming in on photos of Bethany…

Coronation Street's Calum Lill as Joel Deering in a promo pic
Lauren won’t be the last person Joel targets (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street actor Calum Lill hints at more victims for Joel

Joel Deering actor Calum Lill has now confirmed that Joel will target other young women which will be seen on screen in weeks to come.

He revealed: “He is very messed up, he sees women in two ways. He has these women he adores and puts on a pedestal like Dee-Dee and then there are the other women, the young girls that he sees as lesser in some way in his eyes and takes his hatred for women out on them.

“When he sees these vulnerable young women probably from broken homes, with criminal records and no one looking out for them, he is like a shark, he hones in on them, coercively controls them and emotionally manipulates them using his power and money. If you were to sit down and try and ask him why he did it, he would justify it as just helping them when no one else would.


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“It is a repetitive pattern of behaviour, he engages with these young girls and afterwards there is the element of guilt so he tries to be a good person and be better towards Dee-Dee. Then the guilt wears off and he needs another ‘fix’, he has a euphoria/guilt cycle. It is a pattern of destructive behaviour. And we will see in the coming weeks that he is still doing it.”

Bethany Platt looks annoyed as she talks to Joel Deering
Bethany looks to Joel for help (Credit: ITV)

Is Bethany in danger?

Joel’s already involved with Ellie, but could Bethany be next? Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Bethany realises that she’s been the victim of fraud and looks to Joel for some legal advice.

But, what does Joel have in store for Bethany? Does Bethany need to be careful?

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