Coronation Street: Daisy Midgeley looking suspicious on the Corrie background

Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan wants Daisy to be the next cobbles serial killer

From Rovers landlady to murderer

Coronation Street actress Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley in the soap, has shared her desire for her character to take a darker path in the future.

Daisy, who has just taken over the Rovers alongside Jenny Connor, is currently nursing a broken heart. But could that heartbreak turn her into a cold-hearted killer? Charlotte certainly seems to hope so!

Daisy looks worried on Corrie
Does Daisy have it in her? (Credit: ITV)

Daisy to be a serial killer in Coronation Street?

Hosting a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, she told fans she had some time and to ask her anything.

As reported by Digital Spy, One questioned: “What is your dream storyline for Daisy to have?”

Charlotte posted a cheeky looking picture of her attempting to pull an evil face with the answer: “Serial killer. I said what I saaaaaid.”

Was she joking? Or could she be serious? And would the bosses ever entertain that idea? Stranger things have happened in Soapland!

Daisy is currently nursing a broken heart and running the Rovers (Credit: ITV)

What’s Daisy up to on Corrie right now?

Daisy had an eventful 2023 and is probably hoping for a quieter 2024! After a stalking ordeal at the hands of deranged Justin Rutherford, Daisy was left distraught when he threw acid at her on her wedding day to Daniel.

Ryan Connor leapt in front of her to save her and got severe acid burns to his face. Daisy and Ryan subsequently spent the year fighting an attraction to each other after the situation brought them closer together.

They ended up sleeping together and when Daniel found out he dumped Daisy. He then moved on with Bethany. Despite Daisy’s desire to get back together, Daniel has pursued his fling with Bethany instead.

Meanwhile, Daisy has become secret landlady of the Rovers alongside Jenny. They came by the funds through not-very-legal-or-moral means and are sure to be caught out at some point.

Coronation Street is missing a Pat Phelan character (Credit: ITV)
Coronation Street was terrorised by Phelan for years (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street serial killers

The cobbles has been home to its fair share of serial killers over the years, should Daisy wish to join the club she’d been in good company! The soap’s original serial killer was Richard Hillman.

The third husband of Gail Rodwell, who was on the cobbles from 2001 to 2003 and was responsible for three deaths.

He left business partner Duggie Ferguson to die after Duggie plunged down several flights of stairs when a banister gave way at their joint housing development. Richard then killed his ex-wife, Patricia Hillman, and then after convincing everyone Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) was going senile and trying to kill her in a house fire, Richard attacked Emily Bishop with a crowbar, but Maxine Peacock (Tracy Shaw) caught him in the act so he killed Maxine instead.

Next up was Pat Phelan, husband of Eileen Grimshaw, whose reign of terror has widely been cited as the most dark storyline Corrie has ever had.

Phelan caused the death of Michael Rodwell. Then viewers thought he’d murdered Andy Carver, but he was secretly keeping him prisoner. However, he did eventually murder Andy, but only after getting Andy to kill Vinny Ashford. Luke Britton was his next victim.

And then there was John Stape. The seemingly mild-mannered teacher stole his friend Colin Fishwick’s identity then buried Colin’s body when he died. Stape also killed Charlotte Hoyle and caused Colin’s mother to have a heart attack and die.

Stephen standing over Tim's unconscious body on Corrie
Stephen’s reign of terror came to end last year (Credit: ITV)

Could Daisy be Stephen Reid’s successor in Coronation Street?

The latest serial killer to stalk the Street was Stephen Reid. His reign lasted for a year before he was killed in October 2023 by Peter Barlow.

As well as drugging Carla to make her think she was going mad, stealing money off his mum, Audrey, and trying to murder Elaine Jones for the life insurance money, Stephen actually did kill three people.

Leo Thompkins was his first victim, when Leo found out Stephen had scammed Audrey. Then when Leo’s dad, Teddy, realised what Stephen had done, he was next to die. Stephen finally offed Rufus Donahue when he discovered Stephen had drugged Carla.

After trying to kill Tim Metcalfe, Stephen drained the factory accounts and tried to do a runner to Thailand. But he was exposed and took Jenny Connor hostage in a bid to get away. However, Peter saw what was happening and ran Stephen over in his car to save Jenny.

After his demise the soap is in need of a new killer – could Daisy fit the bill?

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