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Coronation Street star fears being killed off amid killer Stephen storyline

Stephen has already killed one cobbles resident to try and protect his secret

As the net closes in on an on killer Stephen Reid, a Coronation Street star has revealed his fear of being killed off by the increasingly desperate villain.

Stephen has already killed once to cover his money troubles, but will he kill again?

And which Corrie star fears being put on the chopping block?

David looking grumpy on Coronation Street
Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt, has spoken of his fears of being killed off by Stephen (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Jack P Shepherd reveals killer Stephen fears

Speaking to The Mirror, Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd revealed his fear of being written out during Stephen’s killing spree.

Jack, who plays David Platt on the soap spoke of how David might react, should Stephen’s lies be unearthed.

“Well I am getting suspicious, no-one else is,” Jack said. “He did have some money problems but sort of sorted himself out a little bit…”

Stephen glares at Audrey on Coronation Street
Stephen has been hiding his money troubles (Credit: ITV)

He continued: “I think David will be the one to say to everyone, ‘I told you so, from the off I said he was bad news and no one believed me’.

However, should David be the one to uncover Stephen’s scheming, this could put David in danger.

“So David will be there for that but I don’t want him to uncover the truth because that sounds like he’d be on the chopping board,” Jack said.

Is David in danger?

Coronation Street Stephen pushing Leo off the gantry
Stephen murdered Leo Thompkins (Credit: ITV)

Could Stephen kill David?

Stephen has already killed once on Coronation Street.

In September, he murdered Leo Thompkins by pushing him off a balcony on the Underworld roof.

Leo had uncovered Stephen’s scheme to steal Audrey’s money.

Stephen silenced Leo by pushing him off the building and made it look as if he left for a new life in Canada.

Coronation Street spoilers for Christmas hinted that Leo’s dad Teddy starts to believe something more sinister happened to his son.

But will Stephen kill again to keep his secrets safe?

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