Coronation Street and Emmerdale comp image: Daniel Brocklebank and Billy Mayhew (Credit: ITV/ ED!)

Daniel Brocklebank shares joy as he’s ‘officially’ in Coronation Street and Emmerdale at the same time

Ivan Jones has appeared in the Dales

Coronation Street star Daniel Brocklebank has told of his pride at starring in Emmerdale at the same time as Corrie. He plays vicar Billy Mayhew on the cobbles and binman Ivan Jones in the Dales.

Sharing an image to social media yesterday Daniel was seen smiling as he pointed at a paused screenshot of himself in Emmerdale.

Billy smiling as he looks at Paul on Corrie
Daniel has played vicar Billy for 10 years (Credit: ITV)

Daniel Brocklebank in Emmerdale and Coronation Street at the same time

In fact, the double soap stint is occurring because Daniel used to be in Emmerdale. He appeared between 2005 and 2006 and his episodes are currently airing in Classic Emmerdale on ITV3 every week day.

Alongside the image Daniel wrote: “Today Ivan Jones entered Classic Emmerdale… I’m now officially running in two amazing shows on ITV!
Here’s me at 24 and 44…”

Fans were quick to share memories of Ivan in Emmerdale. One wrote: “I remember it well, the love triangle between you, Nicola and Paul.”

“Wow, I remember that, Nicola tried to seduce you in a nightdress and heels,” exclaimed one more.

Another joked: “I saw you in Classic Casualty the other day too – you’re on TV more than Bradley Walsh!”

Daniel Brocklebank as Ivan Jones in Emmerdale
Daniel was 24 when he joined Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who did Daniel Brocklebank play in Emmerdale?

Daniel was binman Ivan Jones who arrived to work for the Kings after separating from his wife. He had an affair with Toni Daggert and took a liking to Jasmine Thomas.

But he then found himself stuck in a love triangle with Nicola King (then Blackstock) and her brother Paul Lambert. However it was Paul he really wanted, despite Nicola trying every trick in the book to seduce Ivan!

Ivan and Paul got together, but Ivan wanted to keep it a secret due to not being out. Paul didn’t like hiding the truth and soon dumped Ivan.

They reunited and Paul helped him to collect some things from his ex’s house. However when some homophobes wrote ‘ladyboys’ on the van they were driving and surrounded Paul, Ivan threatened them with a cricket bat and confirmed Paul was his boyfriend for the first time.

Ivan still wanted to keep it a secret in the village, though, but they were soon outed during a row in which Paul was wearing a microphone.

Nicola once again tried to seduce Ivan, but he firmly turned her down. However she lied they had slept together and everyone believed her. Paul dumped Ivan and it was a nightmare.

Laurel eventually found out the truth and told everyone Nicola had lied. Despite Ivan asking Paul for another chance, they didn’t reunite.

Ivan left the village briefly, then returned for a new job with Matthew and Sadie King. However, the job ended and he moved to Costa Rica for a new life.

Billy is desperately trying to stay strong for Paul (Credit: ITV)

Daniel in Coronation Street

Daniel is currently playing vicar Billy in Corrie. He joined the soap in 2014 as a new love interest for Sean Tully.

Billy’s life has been turned upside down on more than one occasion. He is a former drug addict and is currently supporting husband Paul Foreman as he battles motor neurone disease.

Paul has revealed he is going to take his own life when it gets too bad. Billy has agreed to help him, but is desperately trying to make out Paul’s condition is not as bad as it seems to stop him.

Meanwhile, Paul’s dad is set to turn up next week. Billy is concerned as Denny used to be violent towards Paul, but Paul wants to try to make things right before he dies. Is this is mistake? And will Billy have to pick up the pieces?


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Daniel in EastEnders

In fact, Emmerdale and Corrie aren’t Daniel’s only soap stints. He also appeared in EastEnders in 2010 as Roger Green when Billy Mitchell was trying to track down his long-lost son.

Billy’s ex, Julie, told him Roger was their boy. But when Billy confronted him and revealed he was his dad, Roger explained that was not true.

It turned out Julie had lied as she couldn’t trace their real son so fantasised her boss Roger was him.

Daniel has also had several parts in Casualty over the years, plus roles in The Bill, Doctors and Waterloo Road. He just needs Hollyoaks to complete the full set now!

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