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EastEnders fans baffled over ‘forgotten’ Cindy Jnr as Michelle Collins admits: ‘I can’t really tell you too much about her’

Cindy Jnr hasn't been mentioned

Last night in EastEnders (Tuesday, August 22), Peter Beale found out that he has two more sisters, Gina and Anna.

He’d found out after listening to Anna’s voicemail to Cindy. Ian then confessed the truth to him.

Now, EastEnders fans have been left baffled over forgotten Cindy Jnr and even Michelle Collins has admitted: “I can’t really tell you too much about her.”

EastEnders' Peter is staring into the distance in The Vic
Peter found out about Gina and Anna (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Peter found out about his sisters

Last night, Peter was in France when he listened to Anna’s voicemail on Cindy’s phone. Ian walked into the room and asked Peter what he was doing before revealing that he has two sisters.

Deleting Anna’s messages, Ian wanted to make sure that Cindy stayed oblivious to the fact that her girls were now in Walford.

Peter, however, couldn’t stand the fact that Gina and Anna were in Walford and were missing their mum.

He then jumped on the Eurostar in a bid to meet his newfound sisters, turning up at The Vic.

EastEnders' Cindy Jnr is crying
It’s like she didn’t exist (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans baffled as Cindy Jnr is forgotten

After Ian told Peter that he has two sisters, fans have been left baffled as his other sister, Cindy Jnr, was forgotten.

Cindy has not mentioned her other daughter with fans having no idea why she’s been forgotten.

One fan wondered: “Erm what about Cindy Jr? Why is Peter acting like she doesn’t exist?”

Another questioned: “And what about the other daughter? Cindy Jnr? Cindy Williams? Has everyone forgotten about her? Last seen going off with Cindy Beale’s sister, Gina. Who I presume Cindy/Rose’s daughter Gina is named after”

A third fan noted: “Have the writers forgotten Cindy Jnr exists, there’s been no mention of her at all”

A fourth EastEnders viewer commented: “Have they mentioned Cindy Jr at all? Where is she in all of this?!”

EastEnders' Michelle Collins is serious
Michelle has no idea (Credit: ITV)

Michelle Collins addresses Cindy Jnr’s whereabouts

Cindy Beale star Michelle Collins has addressed questions about Cindy Jnr’s whereabouts as fans wonder why she’s been forgotten.

And even she has no idea!

When asked whether Cindy Jnr could be making a return, Michelle confessed: “I don’t know. I can’t really tell you too much about her but I know she is alive. That’s about all I know. But possibly, who knows!”

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Ian Throws Cindy Out - EastEnders

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