Rocky crying on EastEnders against logo and Walford background (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

EastEnders: Rocky exits the Square and sad fans react: ‘No more Cottons left’

A bittersweet farewell to Rocky

Fans of EastEnders have shared their reactions as Rocky Cotton left Albert Square tonight, arrested by the police for his part in the cafe fire.

This came as ‘The Six’ desperately attempted to cover their tracks after killing Keanu.

With Rocky on to them – having seen Sharon outside the cafe in her wedding dress, and witnessing The Six carrying Keanu’s bundled-up body across the Square, he needed to be silenced.

Rocky being arrested by the police on EastEnders
Rocky was escorted out of The Vic in cuffs (Credit: BBC)

Kathy shops Rocky to the police in murder cover-up

Tonight’s episode (Friday, December 29) saw The Six put their plan into action.

Goaded on by Denise, Kathy called the police and told them that Rocky had set fire to the cafe for the insurance money.

The police then arrested Rocky in The Vic. Although he tried to claim ignorance, his own internet search history ultimately brought him down – and detectives charged him with the crime.

Kathy then pled with Rocky not to fight the charge. As the credits rolled, it became clear that Rocky is headed behind bars.

Rocky upset in police custody on EastEnders
Is this the end for Rocky? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans react as Rocky leaves the soap

As the events of the episode unfolded, fans shared their thoughts on Rocky’s exit on Twitter (now X).

“Goodbye Rocky and thank you EastEnders and Brian Conley. I loved your character since day one. Dark and foolish but so many laughs. A superb time and you’ll be missed,” said one viewer.

“So I take it that was Rocky’s exit? How fortunate Brian is to be the last ever doof doof of 2023!” wrote another.

“What a bittersweet ending to Rocky Cotton,” said a third.

“That’s it then?” asked another. “No more Cottons in EastEnders.”

Will you miss Rocky Cotton?

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