EastEnders fans divided over return of “Marmite” character Bianca Jackson

Love her or hate her?

After months of speculation, EastEnders fans now know that iconic character Bianca Jackson is set to return to Walford in the autumn.

And while some will welcome the flame-haired single mum back in the Square with open arms, others have declared they “can’t stand her”.

Patsy Palmer as Bianca in the 90s (Credit: BBC)

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The BBC soap have confirmed that Patsy Palmer will be reprising her role as Bianca in the coming months, with executive producer Jon Sen admitting Bianca’s comeback was a priority on his “wish-list”.

He said: “When I joined the show in January, bringing Bianca Jackson back to the Square was high on my wish-list.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Patsy’s agreed to return to reprise her iconic creation in a blistering storyline that will grip fans this autumn.

“There is no one more excited than me to see her step back into Albert Square again. I simply cannot wait.”

Bianca: The late Dr Legg would have diagnosed a bad case of Resting Witch Face (Credit: BBC)

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But not all fans are pleased with the decision, even though her stint will be brief.

One Digital Spy Forum user posted: “Bianca is obviously a popular and hugely iconic character. But the soap’s most famous ginger foghorn is also marmite.”

Another said: “Can’t abide the screeching banshee.”

A third predicted: “Invariably going to pair her up with someone who won’t be able to see what we can. Bit late for the character now when her daughter needed her. Maybe she will have grown a redeeming feature, but I doubt it.”

“I can’t stand the loud [bleep],” sighed another. “So I’m not happy. Awful woman.”

Others worried she’d have the same “recycled storylines”, while some feared she’d replace Sonia at the head of the family and others only wanted Bianca back if David Wicks came with her.

“She’s not villainous enough for my liking, just a general irritant,” said one, and another mused: “I’m undecided. I think it depends how she is brought back. If she is once again going to go through financial woes, shouting the odds at everybody around her, then it’s a no. We have enough loudmouths at the moment.

“If there’s a strong story then I’m looking forward to it as Bianca, love her or loathe her, is a Walford legend!”

Des Coleman EastEnders Patsy Palmer Bianca
Bianca loves an over-sized coat (Credit: BBC)

Others were thrilled Bianca was returning, and hoped some more of the Butcher family would come back too.

One said: “She wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice, but I’m happy to have Bianca (and her silver puffer jacket) back.

“It hopefully increases the chances of Ricky and Liam returning in the near future too.”

Another gushed: “OMG. So excited about this. Didn’t think Patsy would ever return so I’m buzzing.”

“Excellent news,” said one. “It sounds like she is only coming back on a short-term basis, but it’s better than nothing. Bianca’s absence has been an issue for me with all that’s been going on with Tiffany.”

Others rubbed their hands in glee at the thought of a Bianca and Karen showdown…

Now THAT we would pay good money to see!

Outspoken actress Patsy may have already annoyed her bosses, though, after appearing on Loose Women this week and admitting she stopped watching the soap ages ago!

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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