EastEnders SPOILER: Visions of Lucy lead Bobby in to danger

There's tragedy ahead for the troubled teen

Things take a terrifying turn for troubled teenager Bobby Beale in next week’s EastEnders when his dead sister Lucy continues to haunt him.

Bobby has been struggling to settle back into Walford life ever since returning earlier this year. But things are set to get far worse for Ian’s son when the voices in his head lead him into danger.

Bobby is upset when he realises he can’t stay with the Brannings (Credit: BBC)

After Max asked him to live with the Brannings, Bobby started to think that he might finally be able to escape the ghost of Lucy that haunted him in every corner of the Beale house.

But when Jack finds out next week that Max has invited Bobby to stay with them, he’s fuming. Not wanting to have Bobby around his kids, Jack orders Max to get rid of the reformed killer.

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But there’s no need for Max to break the news to Bobby because he has overheard everything and feeling crushed he races out, leaving Max full of guilt.

Kathy tries to help her grandson, but ends up making things a million times worse (Credit: BBC)

Kathy is pleased to have her grandson home, but little does she know he is continuing to hallucinate, causing him extreme anxiety.

Deciding that she needs to do something drastic to help Bobby, Kathy takes matters into her own hands. However, her plan goes horrendously wrong and she ends up making things a million times worse.

As tensions reach breaking point between the Beales, it seems everyone is at a loss over how they can help troubled Bobby, and as they all blame each other for the drama, no one has any idea just how bad Bobby is…

Ian and Kathy blame each other for Bobby’s breakdown (Credit: BBC)

After waking up in a park, Bobby heads back to the Square and finds himself bumping into Callum. Callum asks if he is okay, but Bobby runs off, leaving him concerned.

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But it is Rainie who causes the teenager to flip and after some cross words between the pair it all becomes too much for Bobby as he continues to hear nothing by Lucy’s voice inside his head.

Visions of Lucy haunt Bobby, leading him into grave danger (Credit: BBC)

Eventually Bobby decides to face his dark past head on, but with tragic consequences.

As he struggles to come to terms with what happened on the fateful night he killed his own sister with a jewellery box, Lucy’s ghost continues to haunt him and eventually leads him into a very dangerous situation.

Will someone be able to help Bobby before it’s too late?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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