Emmerdale's Ella, and in a bubble is Meena

Is Ella Meena’s former cellmate? Emmerdale fans convinced soap has dropped huge clue over their connection

Is she connected to the former village serial killer?

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday, May 14), Ella rushed off out of Liam’s house in quite the hurry despite the pair being in mid-conversation.

She later admitted that she wasn’t used to getting serious with anyone she’d dated, being a bit nervous.

Emmerdale fans now reckon that these scenes hint at a major connection between Ella and former Emmerdale killer, Meena Jutla.

Ella in Emmerdale looks worried
Ella acted rather strangely (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ella rushed off during breakfast

Waking up at Liam’s house after spending the night with him, Ella was delighted when he offered to rustle up some breakfast for them both.

Sitting down after having a shower, Ella agreed to spend the morning with Liam before heading in to work.

However, Liam then started bringing up the topic of Leanna and Meena as the conversation turned more serious.

Ella then made out that she’d got to do something important, rushing out of the house.

Later on, she admitted that she was interested in Liam but didn’t know how to respond to his mention of Leanna.

She hadn’t been in a serious relationship before, prompting Liam to agree to take things slowly for the time being.

Does Ella know more about Meena than she’s letting on? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict huge Ella and Meena connection

With Ella looking at a photo of Leanna before rushing off at the mention of Liam’s late daughter and her killer Meena, fans now think that she’s connected to Meena in some way.

One fan suggested: “Gotcha. Liam mentions Meena, and Ella decides to scarper… Ella knows Meena from inside those prison cells. Curious to know why Ella was inside.”

Another person predicted: “I think Ella was once Meena’s ex or mate.”

Another viewer added: “I wonder if Ella is in love with Meena and wants to take revenge?”

Ella smiles weakly as she visits a care home in Emmerdale
Ella pays a visit to a care home (Credit: ITV)

What is Ella hiding?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Ella has a secret that she’s keeping from Liam.

With Ella being caught living out of her car by Manpreet, she then moves in with Liam. However, she acts shifty when Mandy starts questioning her on her family.

She then heads out and visits someone in a care home. But, who does she visit? And, does she have anything to do with Meena?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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