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Emmerdale fans speculate on Scott Windsor’s return as Cathy exits

Cathy's exit could herald the return of a soap legend

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Fans of Emmerdale have predicted the shock return of a long-absent character following Cathy’s forthcoming exit from the village. But who could be back to the Dales as Cathy leaves?

Last night’s episode of the soap opera (April 28) saw Cathy make the decision to leave the village in search of peace and calm. As the episode began, she was missing after walking out into the night.

Cathy looking sad as she stands outside of the B&B on Emmerdale
After a difficult week, Cathy revealed that she is done with the village (Credit: ITV)

Cathy eyes Emmerdale exit

Cathy returned, but told Brenda and dad Bob that she had no intention of sticking around. Explaining the severity of her premenstrual dysphoric disorder symptoms, she said that she felt as though she were always on display, with people waiting for her to explode again.

Worse, due to having missed so much work because of her declining mental health, she was to be held back a year from school. This led Cathy to feel as though she desperately needed to get away.

She told Bob and Brenda that she wanted to leave – to go and stay with brother Scott Windsor at his home in the Lakes. Some fans wondered whether this meant that Scott might be returning to the soap.

Bob and Cathy look tearful in a car together on Emmerdale
Next week’s spoilers have revealed that Cathy is off to visit her brother (Credit: ITV)

Fans predict Scott Windsor’s return to Emmerdale

Writing on social media as the episode aired, some fans mooted the possibility of Scott’s return to the soap.

“Cathy will return with Scott in a few months,” wrote one fan.

“Scott Windsor to return, let’s hope he slaps Bob,” said another.

“I really hope Cathy’s gone to visit her big brother Scott, and he’ll come back with Cathy and potentially Jean,” a third wrote. This fan also teased some possible family dynamics with Bob, Brenda and Wendy.

If the fans are correct, then Emmerdale could be setting up a potential return for Cathy’s big brother, Scott. But who exactly is Scott Windsor?

Scott Windsor looking moody on Emmerdale
Ben Freeman played Scott Windsor on Emmerdale from 1998 – 2007 (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Who was Scott Windsor on Emmerdale?

Scott Windsor is Cathy and Heath’s half-brother, the son of their mum, Viv Windsor. Scott appeared on the soap from 1996 – 2007, with a two-year break in-between where he left and joined the army. In addition to Cathy and Heath, he shares a half-sister in Donna Windsor and an adoptive one in Kelly Windsor.

He was originally played by Toby Cockerell before Ben Freeman took over the role in 1998. After a disastrous relationship with Debbie Dingle, Scott left the village in 2007, having attempted to con Rodney Blackstock.

Emmerdale bosses have confirmed that Cathy’s exit from the village isn’t permanent. So will she be bringing her big brother back with her?

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