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Emmerdale: Charity to adopt Rhona and Gus’ baby, a new fan theory suggests

Could this be Charity and Mack's opportunity to raise a child together?

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Last night in Emmerdale (Thursday, November 16), Gus received some awful news after the birth of his baby girl.

His wife, Lucy, had sadly passed away after being taken to theatre at the hospital.

A new Emmerdale fan theory now suggests that Gus will hand over the baby to someone else.

Emmerdale's Gus is crying at the hospital
Gus’ wife passed away (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Gus’ wife died at the hospital

In Emmerdale yesterday, Rhona was meant to be meeting up with Gus to talk about the use of her embryos without consent.

However, when Gus didn’t turn up, Rhona went to his house instead and was shocked to find him planning his escape with Lucy.

As Rhona confronted the couple, Lucy’s waters suddenly broke which prompted Rhona to offer her a lift to the hospital.

Lucy gave birth to a baby girl but was soon rushed to theatre due to some heavy bleeding.

Later on, Gus broke down in tears as he revealed that Lucy had passed away. He then accused Rhona of causing Lucy’s death.

Charity is giving Mack another chance (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Charity to bring up Gus’ baby?

Mack’s always wanted to have a child with Charity but sadly the couple lost their baby due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Mack has a son with Chloe, but now that he’s promised to get back with Charity, one fan theory predicts that the couple will soon adopt Rhona and Gus’ baby.

One Emmerdale viewer predicted: “Hear me out, Charity is going to adopt Rhona’s baby and it’ll be ‘her’s and Mack’s’.”

Emmerdale's Rhona is talking to Gus at the hospital
Rhona feels connected to the baby (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: What will happen to Gus’ baby?

Gus is struggling to process the death of his wife as he faces bringing up their baby on his own.

However, Rhona feels as though the baby is hers. But, will she want to play a part in the baby’s life? Or, will someone else bring up the baby? Could it be Charity?

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Emmerdale - Gus Receives Sad News About Lucy (16th November 2023)

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