Emmerdale's Ella, and in a bubble is Meena

Emmerdale: Ella is connected to Meena insist fans as they spot newspaper clue

Was it just a coincidence?

Yesterday’s episode of Emmerdale (Wednesday, May 29) saw Leyla snoop about in Ella’s bag after heading into Liam’s house.

Ella then caught Leyla and told her to leave, but there was one thing on the table that has caught fans attention.

Emmerdale fans have now spotted a huge detail in Ella’s newspaper that could link her to Meena Jutla!

Leyla and Suzy look thoughtful in Emmerdale
Leyla did some digging (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Leyla’s suspicious of Ella

With Ella clearly having a secret, Leyla shared her suspicions with Liam last night but he brushed them off.

Using her spare key into Liam’s house, Leyla checked to see if the coast was clear before snooping about.

She then started going through Ella’s bag and pocketed a childhood photo of Ella. Ella then came downstairs and saw Leyla, telling her to leave and to stop going through her things.

Leyla then started researching into Ella online after realising that there were hardly any traces of anyone called Ella Forster.

On the back of the photo, Leyla then realised that the names of the girls in the photo were Joanne and Ruth which made her wonder if Ella was lying about who she really is…

The only information found online about Ella was of her doing a funrun five years ago whilst dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Emmerdale: A newspaper article of Meena Jutla lies on the table next to Ella's bag
Fans have spotted a huge clue (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans spot ‘evidence’ that Ella is connected to Meena

On Ella’s table, as Leyla was snooping at her things, fans noticed that there was a newspaper on the table with an article about Meena Jutla on it.

Now, fans reckon that Ella is connected to Meena in someway after picking up on this huge clue.

One fan said: “Everyone’s saying Leyla is crazy on Emmerdale, but why did Ella have a newspaper article of Meena on the table? Either it’s a recent newspaper about Meena maybe escaping prison, or she knows Meena and is keeping old papers as a keepsake? Leyla may be onto something.”

Another person questioned: “Anyone else notice the newspaper on the table at Liam’s house when Leyla walked in?”

A third viewer added: “Please tell me that wasn’t Meena on the front of that newspaper?!”

Ella smiles weakly as she visits a care home in Emmerdale
Ella visited someone called June in a care home (Credit: ITV)

What is Ella’s secret?

Viewers know that Ella has been hiding something from Liam, especially after visiting someone called June in a care home.

Sadly, June died soon after as Ella kept her death a secret from Liam. But, what is Ella’s secret? And, what is she hiding?

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