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Emmerdale fan theory: Julie’s sinister revenge plot may lead to Dan’s murder

Will Dan end up dead?

Last night in Emmerdale (Monday, July 31), Lloyd’s wife, Julie, turned up at the end of the episode looking for Dan and Amelia.

She had the look in her eye that suggested that she was set on revenge.

A new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that Lloyd’s wife could go as far as murdering Dan.

Emmerdale's Julie wants revenge
Julie wants to make Dan pay (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Lloyd’s wife turned up in the village

The first time Dan met Lloyd’s wife, Julie, was at the hospital where Julie jumped to the conclusion that Dan was the person who tried to help Lloyd.

However, it soon became clear that Dan was actually the one who assaulted Lloyd.

Dan started to launch for Julie as he told her exactly who Lloyd was. He was then pulled away from her as Julie failed to believe him.

Julie then turned up in the Woolpack and accused Dan and Amelia of lying, showing them photos of Lloyd and branding him as a family man.

Last night, Julie turned up in the village once more and stood staring at Dan and Amelia’s house with a sinister look on her face. Tonight it became clear Julie has been asking questions about Amelia in the village, trying to find dirt on her.

She then squared up to Amelia and told her: “I’m going to bring you down – and I don’t care what it takes.”

A fan reckons that Julie will kill Dan (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Julie to murder Dan?

Julie’s desperate to make Dan pay for putting her husband, Lloyd, in hospital. And it sounds like she’s prepared to do whatever she has to to make him and Amelia pay.

However, a new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that her revenge plot could turn rather sinister.

She could soon go as far as killing Dan as her anger bubbles up further.


The fan theory reads: “The mad wife has arrived to murder Dan,” followed by three screaming emojis.

But, is this what Julie is plotting?

Emmerdale's Dan is looking at Amelia with concern
Will Julie silence Dan? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Will Julie kill Dan?

Julie’s adamant that Lloyd is a great guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She refuses to believe that he was stalking Amelia.

With Lloyd in a coma and Julie set on getting revenge on Dan, will she end up killing him?

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Emmerdale - Lloyd's Wife Julie Turns Up At The Village Again (31st July 2023)

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