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Emmerdale fans sickened by Moira and Nate’s ‘cringe’ scenes as they continue affair

They 'hate' the storyline

Emmerdale fans are horrified and grossed out by the continuing affair between Moira Dingle and Nate Robinson.

Married Moira and farm helper Nate embarked on a passionate romance last month, and viewers have slammed their scenes as “cringe” and “horrible”.

Moira and Nate in barn in Emmerdale
Yes, he’s got a good bod, but can he be trusted? (Credit: ITV)

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In Thursday night’s episode (August 29), those watching from home were less than impressed when Moira gave in to temptation and slept with Nate again.

After sleeping together a few weeks ago, they found themselves in the sack again – and Emmerdale fans were NOT happy about it.

And with Cain announcing he’s going to Scotland for a while to visit daughter Debbie, it’s going to give Moira ample opportunity to have her wicked way with Nate again.

Moira and Nate after he showers
Nate has been flirting with Moira ever since he arrived in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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While some believe Nate is a “predator” and “creepy”, others have described Moira as “mucky” and slammed her for cheating on fan favourite Cain.

One fan seethed: “This storyline does not make any sense. Firstly Moira would never cheat so to add Nate to the mix, it just doesn’t add up. No wonder everyone hates this storyline.”

Another said: “Please stop the awful Nate and Moira storyline! Can’t stand it. Why can’t you allow this couple some happiness.”

A third fumed: “Just when you think Emmerdale’s Nate/Moira storyline can’t get any more grotesque, they introduce a whole lot of lip-licking by Nate! Please end this shudder-inducing storyline.”

“Oh I can’t stand Nate,” fumed one more. “Creeping around. I’m afraid I’ll be switching off. Which is a shame. Watched it for years.”

Of the storyline, boss Kate Brooks recently teased: “Moira is married to ultimate bad boy Cain, so when he does find out, it will be explosive and there will be lots of drama and ramifications for all characters involved.

“We get to the core of why this affair has happened and the ramifications of it.

“This will all come to a head in October. It’s a massive week of drama. It’s very story led; a lot of tears, a lot of action and a lot of heartbreak.”

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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