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Emmerdale insider teases Caleb’s secret: ‘It’s a good one’

Audiences knew Caleb was hiding something

An Emmerdale insider has teased newcomer Caleb Miligan’s secret, hinting that ‘It’s a good one,’  when pressed.

Caleb recently arrived on the soap – the long-lost brother of Cain and Chas Dingle.

He is the estranged son of Faith, but only managed to find his mother after her death last year.

Many fans have theorised that mysterious Caleb is hiding something.

But what is it?

Cain and Caleb glaring menacingly at each other on Emmerdale
There’s more to Caleb’s story than meets the eye (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale insider hints at Caleb Miligan’s secret

Speaking out on yesterday’s This Morning, former show writer Sharon Marshall teased Caleb‘s big secret.

“He does have a secret,” she said. “There’s something there. Lots of people are guessing… It’s a good one.”

This comes after executive producer Jane Hudson addressed the issue in February – on an episode of Loose Women.

“There is a secret about Caleb and the viewers have not yet guessed it. I’ve been reading all the theories about who he is online,” Jane had told the panel.

But what is Caleb hiding?

Emmerdale: A round-up of all the Caleb fan theories so far

Emmerdale fans have been trying to guess Caleb’s big secret ever since he joined the show.

Here’s a run-down of every theory so far:

Emmerdale's Caleb makes a phone call in his car at night
Caleb has been acting fishy since his arrival in the village (Credit: ITV)

1. An undercover cop?

One prevailing theory is that Caleb is an undercover cop, trying to get dirt on the Dingles.

However, Jane addressed this theory during her Loose Women appearance – claiming that it wasn’t the case, not wanting to copy Coronation Street’s Spider Neugent twist.

Nanny Nicky smiling in Emmerdale
Fans also suspect Nicky of hiding something (Credit: ITV)

2. Working with Nicky

Another character fans are convinced is hiding something, is fellow newcomer Nicky the nanny.

Viewers wondered whether Nicky could be working with Caleb.

They are convinced that his nice guy act is too good to be true.

But why would he be working with Caleb?

Emmerdale's Al against a dark background looking worried
Could Caleb secretly have history with dead love rat Al Chapman? (Credit: ITV)

3. Connected to Al

Caleb grew up in care – as did Al Chapman.

Could they have known each other? Be friends – or even foster brothers?

Is Caleb here to get revenge for Al’s death?

Cain and Caleb walking angrily away from a confrontation in the village on Emmerdale
Is Caleb jealous of his brother’s life? (Credit: ITV)

4. He’s trying to steal Cain’s life

Revenge has to be in Caleb’s mind.

He was denied the opportunity to know his mother by Cain – and now Faith is dead, he’ll never get that chance again.

Is Caleb’s plan to strip Cain of everything he has, leaving him with nothing?

Young Cain Dingle and young Caleb glare menacingly at each other on Emmerdale
Cain robbed Caleb of the chance to meet mum Faith (Credit: ITV)

5. He’s planning to kill Cain

Could Caleb be planning to kill Cain?

In scenes which aired  earlier this year, Caleb made it clear that he could kill Cain if he wanted to.

“Just so you know: through a little bit of good luck and a lot of good judgement, I don’t have the tiniest blemish on my record,” Caleb explained.

“So if all this reaches some sort of ridiculous crescendo and I end up doing something terrible to you, I’ll be walking away. You maybe bear that in mind,” he threatened.

Faith Dingle returned for one last goodbye last night in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Caleb claims to be Faith’s estranged son (Credit: ITV)

6. He’s not Faith’s son

What if Caleb is not Cain and Chas’s brother after all?

Could he be pretending?

Perhaps a DNA test wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Caleb talking to Kim at Home Farm on Emmerdale
Is Caleb as flush as he makes himself out to be? (Credit: ITV)

7. He’s actually broke and wants to swindle cash

Recent scenes saw Caleb open his wallet – and it surprised fans.

They couldn’t understand why it was so battered.

But is that the key? Is Caleb secretly broke and using his arrival in the village as a front for his true plan?

Amy looking angry on Emmerdale
Some wonder whether Caleb might be Chloe and Amy’s father (Credit: ITV)

8. Is Caleb Chloe and Amy’s dad?

Chloe Harris is another villager with a mysterious past.

We know her adoptive dad ‘Damon’ is very rich and very dangerous.

We also believe he’s in prison – but what if he’s not? What if he’s been released and headed to the village?

Caleb talking to Moira on Emmerdale
Stealing Moira would serve as a fine revenge for Caleb (Credit: ITV)

9. Caleb wants to steal Moira

Cain’s wife, Moira, certainly has form for cheating on her husband.

When his long-lost son, Nate Robinson, arrived in town he set about seducing Moira in order to steal her from Cain and ruin his life.

It worked and Moira fell for the plot.

Is Caleb planning the same thing?

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