Emmerdale's Rose is smiling

Emmerdale: Rose is a ‘pointless’ character and should be axed, fans complain

Rose is currently scheming against Kim and Will

Viewers of Emmerdale will know that Rose has been recently teaming up with Ruby Fox-Miligan to take down Kim and Will.

Last night (Wednesday, June 5) saw Rose try to come between Kim and Will as she carried out the next step in her plan.

Fans of the ITV soap have now complained that Rose isn’t adding anything to the show and needs to leave…

Emmerdale's Rose is scheming
Rose tried to get to Will (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Rose tried to turn Will’s head

With Rose and Ruby teaming up to take on Kim, Ruby recently encouraged Rose to focus more on Will.

Last night, Rose decided to do just that and sat down with him to have a sip of the good stuff.

Asking Will to chat to her about the past and all of the things she did wrong, Rose told him that she’d then remind him of all of the things she did right.

As they spoke, Will had no idea that Rose was unhappy long before she upped and left him and Dawn.

Rose then told Will that he was the only one for her just as Kim walked in and broke the cosy exchange up.

Emmerdale's Rose is drinking
Rose does love a drink or two (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans demand that ‘pointless’ Rose leaves soap

Unimpressed with Rose’s scheming and realising that all she seems to do is drink in almost every scene, fans of Emmerdale have now suggested that the character is axed.

One fan commented: “All Rose does is drink or convince people to drink with her all day… another pointless character.”

Another person demanded: “Bore off Rose. You’re boring, stop boring everybody.”

A third viewer added: “All Rose has done since she arrived is drinking in like 99.99% of her scenes.”

A final person wondered: “How good would it be if Will left with Rose? Wishful thinking…”

Rose shakes hands with a client at Home Farm as Leyla looks horrified
Rose ups her antics (Credit: ITV)

How long will Rose’s schemes continue?

Emmerdale spoilers for this week reveal that Rose pretends to be Kim as she greets one of Leyla’s clients at Home Farm.

But, how long will it be before Kim catches on to what she’s doing? Will Kim get her revenge?

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