Gabby and Vinny kissing on Emmerdale; inset, soap logo (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby and Vinny kiss, but embarrassed Vinny runs off

The course of true love never did run smooth

Our Emmerdale spoilers reveal that flirting lovebirds Gabby Thomas and Vinny Dingle finally seal the deal with a kiss. However, when Gabby appears to take things too far, Vinny panics.

Rejecting Gabby mid-snog, he leaves her feeling embarrassed… and himself racked with guilt.

The pair began to grow close in recent weeks – in part due to the machinations of Tom King, who sought to play matchmaker so as to distract Vinny from his friendship with Belle. Paddy and Mandy then stepped in and encouraged Gabby to spend time with Vinny.

Vinny and Gabby have a drink in The Woolpack and look a bit awkward
Vinny and Gabby have been hitting it off lately (Credit: ITV)

Neither have been particularly lucky in love; with Gabby learning last year that she had been manipulated by fiancé Nicky – secretly gay, and having only seduced her as part of his dad’s plan to con Kim Tate out of her money.

Meanwhile, Vinny was left heartbroken after wife Liv was killed by a runaway caravan during the freak storm which rocked the village two years ago.

But is the latest village romance over before it has even begun?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Vinny and Gabby have a drink in The Woolpack and look a bit awkward
Gabby and Vinny continue to bond over drinks in the Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby and Vinny get cosy

Vinny and Gabby are getting things back on track after Mandy threw a spanner in the works. Having persuaded Gabby to spend time with Vinny, he misread the situation and tried to kiss her, but Gabby insisted she just saw him as a friend and revealed the truth about Mandy’s involvement.

Embarrassed Vinny ran off, but Gabby was given food for thought by Laurel who advised her to rethink her taste in men, given her track record.

As their friendship grows next week, Vinny and Gabby bond over drinks at the Woolpack. With things heating up, the pair take things outside.

Gabby looks seductively at Vinny in the scrap yard in Emmerdale
Vinny and Gabby prepare to seal the deal (Credit: ITV)

They soon find themselves locked in a kiss.

However, Vinny grows flustered when Gabby tells him that she knows he’s a virgin – and offers to help.

Gabby and Vinny move in for a kiss at the scrap yard
Nervous Vinny leans in for a kiss (Credit: ITV)

Vinny takes a dive

Panicked at the pressure, Vinny snaps. He calls things off with Gabby, cruelly rejecting her.

Gabby Thomas and Vinny Dingle kiss at the scrap yard
The pair’s romance is short-lived (Credit: ITV)

Embarrassed, Gabby exits. Vinny is left, feeling riddled with guilt.

Can he make it up to Gabby… and does he even want to?

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