Emmerdale's Samson, and in a bubble is Matty

Emmerdale’s stabbing scenes leave fans vowing to ‘switch off’ as they say: ‘What is Emmerdale doing?’

Samson was stabbed in The Hide

Last night on Emmerdale (Thursday, June 6), Samson and his mate Josh clashed with Matty whilst hanging out in The Hide.

The situation soon escalated and ended up with Samson being stabbed by Matty.

These violent scenes have now left fans complaining and threatening to stop watching the show.

Samson and Josh shout at Matty threateningly in Emmerdale
Josh pushed Samson into Matty (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Matty stabbed Samson

Viewers of Emmerdale will know that Samson was stabbed in The Hide last night and was left bleeding out.

He had been in The Hide with his friend Josh when Josh started flirting with Amy in front of Matty.

Amy then clocked off early and left Matty to lock up the restaurant but Josh started deadnaming him after being informed by Samson that Matty was trans.

The pair initially left but re-entered despite Matty telling them that it was now closed.

Josh then demanded money from the till, but when Matty didn’t give it to him, he shoved Samson into him.

Matty was holding a knife at the time meaning that Samson was stabbed. Jai then turned up and saw Matty with the knife, with Matty being arrested by the police whilst Samson was taken to hospital.

Josh pushes Samson into Matty and Samson is stabbed in Emmerdale spoilers
Fans found the scenes hard to watch (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans threaten to boycott soap over stabbing scenes

With the soap airing these violent scenes before watershed, fans of Emmerdale have found them difficult to watch.

They’ve now complained about the episode, even suggesting that they’ll stop watching future episodes due to this.

One fan commented: “Think I’m done with it. If I want to feel depressed I’ll watch the news!!!!”

Another person complained: “What is Emmerdale doing showing a storyline like this? Youths of today don’t need to see a storyline like this. There is enough violence out there without them putting it in their minds. A family show, it’s a joke.”

A third viewer added: “Getting fed up with Emmerdale, we need a laugh. Turned it off last night.”

A fourth person continued: “I turned it over last night, just another doom and gloom story for them to drag out.”

Finally, a fifth fan shared: “Not more violence on Emmerdale. That’s all their storylines are now and at a time when anyone can watch. Enough is enough, get a grip writers.”

Samson and Josh shout at Matty threateningly in Emmerdale
Matty was arrested yesterday evening (Credit: ITV)

What will become of Matty after his arrest?

Matty was arrested last night as Samson failed to confess the truth about Josh’s involvement in the stabbing.

With Matty protesting his innocence, will the truth be revealed? Or, will he end up going to prison?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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Tamzin Meyer
Assistant Soap Editor