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Emmerdale: Tracy leaving the surgery was hypocritical, fans complain

Tracy wanted to put her family first

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday, June 4), Tracy confronted Manpreet and Dr Liam about their decision to employ Ella at the GP surgery.

She then told them that she’d be moving herself and Frankie over to a different surgery as she felt uncomfortable.

However, Emmerdale fans have now slammed Tracy’s decision and have branded her as a ‘hypocrite.’

Tracy didn’t feel comfortable (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Tracy wanted to move surgeries

Viewers of the ITV soap Emmerdale will know that Ella was recently revealed to be a child-killer.

The villagers were all shocked to learn that she’d killed her childhood best friend, Joanne, when she was eleven.

With Liam telling Ella to leave the village, Tracy spoke to Manpreet and Liam last night and delivered some news.

She revealed that she’d be switching GP surgeries as she had to protect Frankie. She didn’t feel comfortable knowing that they’d employed a murderer as a receptionist.

The surgery staff tried to persuade her to stay, explaining that Ella no longer worked there, but they failed to change Tracy’s mind.

Tracy hasn’t bothered about her family in the past (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans slam Tracy for decision to switch surgeries

Tracy mentioned that she needed to put her family first, with fans now branding her as a hypocrite. She didn’t move surgeries when murderous Meena was working there as a nurse.

Adding to this, she failed to put her family first when she was cheating on Nate with Caleb…

One fan complained: “Tracy needs to grow up. All about her again. Dopey [bleep].”

Another person added: “A lesson in morality from Tracy who slept with her husband’s uncle.”

A third viewer shared: “”Thinking about my family.” Tracy, you weren’t thinking about your family when you were sleeping with Caleb.”

Another fan reminded: “So Tracy was fine staying at the surgery when serial killing nurse Meena was found out but not when Ella the receptionist is revealed to have killed someone as a child.”

Emmerdale: Ella looks tearful as she's confronted
Ella has been driven out of the Dales (Credit: ITV)

Will Ella return to the Dales?

Liam’s kicked Ella out of the village, ending his relationship with her after her killer confession.

However, latest Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Liam becomes torn of Ella. Will he have a change of heart? Can he forgive her and welcome her back into the village?

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