Emmerdale's Tom, and in a bubble is Piper the Dog

Emmerdale under fire as they are slammed with hundreds of Ofcom complaints over Tom dog abuse scenes

Tom made Piper ill

Recently in Emmerdale, Tom made Belle believe that she was the one abusing him and even suggested that she’d been skipping her medication.

With Belle going off to spend some time away, Tom then started to abuse their dog Piper.

Emmerdale fans have now complained to Ofcom over these horrifying animal abuse scenes.

Tom has been making his dog poorly (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Tom King’s animal abuse of Piper the Dog

Emmerdale viewers will know that Tom has been abusing his and Belle’s dog – Piper.

After Belle stood up to Tom over his recent behaviour, Tom made her believe that she was the problem.

Belle then worried when Tom pointed out that she’d missed her medication, contacting her mental health team, and decided to take a break from the Dales for a while.

Whilst Belle was away at the crisis centre, Tom worried that she would blab about what he’d been doing to her and instead thought of a way to bring her home under his watch.

He then started injecting Piper the Dog with drugs so that she’d become unwell, with viewers being horrified by these scenes.

Emmerdale: Piper the dog
Fans thought that the soap had gone ‘too far’ (Credit: ITV)

Fans disgusted by Tom animal abuse scenes

After these scenes aired, fans took to social media to share their upset for little Piper the Dog. They were disgusted with the scenes.

One fan commented: “Not liking the animal cruelty towards Piper. Disgusting scenes.”

Another person complained: “Animal abuse on primetime tv now, pre-watershed? Doesn’t matter we didn’t see the actual act, it was implied. Surely going way too [bleep] far even for Emmerdale. Why not just leave the door open & claim she escaped? Worked before to get Belle’s attention? Poor INNOCENT Piper.”

A third viewer added: “Definitely! Was prepared for the Belle abuse story and, although wrong in early evening soap, was prepared each episode… This with Piper was out of the blue and shocking and horrible to see. Why on earth they thought to screen it, no idea!”

Tom puts an arm around Piper
Fans took action (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale receives hundreds of Ofcom complaints for Piper scenes

It seems that fan complaints extended much further than on social media as they decided to take further action over the animal abuse scenes.

Being affected by Tom’s cruelty towards innocent, little Piper, fans have now filed hundreds of Ofcom complaints for the soap.

With 313 Ofcom complaints being filed over these scenes, Emmerdale have now issued a statement to assure viewers that no dogs were actually harmed.

Taking to X, the soap wrote: “These scenes can be distressing to watch, but we want to remind you that Minnie (AKA Piper) is a very good actor and is always living her best life on set!

“We can confirm that no harm has come to her whatsoever.”

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Tamzin Meyer
Assistant Soap Editor