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Emmerdale’s big Whodunnit: Lydia’s rapist Craig dies, top suspects revealed

So, who finished him off then?

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that the soap is set to air a big Whodunnit storyline as Lydia’s rapist, Craig, dies.

After announcing Craig’s death, Lydia gathers the Dingles in the pub to work out who killed him.

But, who killed Craig in Emmerdale? Here are all of the top suspects.

Craig tied up while Sam and Cain look on
They kidnap Craig, but have they got it in them to kill? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Sam and Cain

Lydia quizzes Sam and Cain on their whereabouts, worried that they might’ve had what it takes to kill Craig.

Sam and Craig had kidnapped Craig and tied him up in a barn. They clearly wanted to teach him a lesson.

But, as Sam feels guilty about what happened and confesses the truth, did either of the two Dingles finish Craig off?

Tom proposing to Belle on Emmerdale
Could Belle kill again? (Credit: ITV)


Belle’s killed before but could she actually seek out to finish someone else off in a bid to protect Lydia?

As Lydia interrogates Belle, she reveals that Tom had proposed to her on the night of Craig’s death.

However, it’s clear that she isn’t being entirely honest. But, was she the person who ended Craig’s life?

Aaron looking angry on Emmerdale
Aaron’s filled with anger (Credit: ITV)


We know that Aaron’s been filled with anger ever since his arrival back in the Dales.

He recently ran Harry over in a bid to get back his bag of cash. But, could he have turned this anger towards Craig?

As Aaron’s questioned by Lydia, he starts to point the finger towards Chas. But, is this to throw everyone off the scent? Is he the real culprit?

Charity looking shifty as Lydia talks to her
What are Chas and Charity hiding? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Chas and Charity

As Aaron turns the conversation towards Charity and Chas, a flashback shows the duo chatting about recent events.

They both always strive to protect their families, but were they chatting about the death of Craig? Did one of them kill him?

Caleb looking suspicious
Is Caleb holding something back? (Credit: ITV)

Caleb and Nate

The focus soon turns to Caleb and Nate. Both of them aren’t afraid to get physically violent with the enemy should they need to.

But, as Caleb acts suspicious, do either he or Nate know something more than they’re letting on? Could they’ve killed Craig?

Mandy looking horrified on Emmerdale
Mandy’s keeping secrets (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Mandy

Mandy’s emotional as Lydia asks her where she was when Craig died. It’s obvious that she’s keeping a secret.

Mandy felt guilty when she realised that Craig had raped Lydia after accusing her of having an affair. Could she have tried to make things up to Lydia by getting revenge on Craig?

Marlon looking nervous on Emmerdale
Marlon’s shifty (Credit: ITV)


Marlon goes through the day’s events and shares where he was with his family.

However, there are some details he’s keeping from the other Dingles. But, could these details have anything to do with Craig? Did Marlon kill him?

Is Lydia barking up the wrong tree? (Credit: ITV)

Someone else

There are some Dingles that Lydia fails to interrogate – with Samson being one of them. But, could Samson be the key to cracking the case?

Or, perhaps Craig’s murderer isn’t a Dingle at all but is another person close to Lydia. Could the likes of Kim and Will be responsible for Craig’s demise? Or, is it someone else entirely?

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Emmerdale - Lydia Stands Up To Craig

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