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Ethan Anderson dies in Emmerdale after collapse

Ruby ran him down in a car last week

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Emmerdale has aired the death of Ethan Anderson tonight. Although it had been heavily hinted he would die after news of a collapse emerged in last week’s spoilers, it still came as a surprise.

Fans of the soap expressed their shock, with many saying it was completely unexpected.

Emmerdale: Ethan looks anxious as he's led into a police car
Ethan was facing court over the car crash (Credit: ITV)

Ethan in hit and run drama

Last week, Ethan was mowed down by a car, driven by Ruby Fox-Miligan. She wanted revenge after Ethan was driving a car over the limit and crashed. The accident put her son Nicky in a coma for weeks.

However it was less the crash itself which angered her, but more the fact Ethan had left Nicky without calling for help. He then lied and tried to keep his involvement a secret.

When the truth came out, Ruby was out for blood. She ran Ethan down, but told him she wasn’t attempting to kill him, just to scare him. Although he insisted they were even, Ruby laughed and said he’d better watch his back if Nicky died as next time she’d finish the job.

Fortunately, Nicky woke up and is going to fine.

Ethan, however, was facing up to five years behind bars for his part in the accident. And as he got ready for court tonight (Tuesday May 28) tragedy struck.

Caleb and Ruby in Emmerdale look tired and angry as they see Ethan
Ruby made it very clear she was out for blood (Credit: ITV)

Ethan Anderson dies in Emmerdale

Yesterday (Monday May 27) Ethan overheard Ruby and Rose plotting against Kim Tate. After talking things through with Charles, Ethan left Dawn a message to warn her about what her mum was up to.

However as he then got ready for court, he was seen looking wobbly. He grabbed his head as if in pain and then when Charles came into the lounge, he found his son collapsed on the floor.

Panicking Charles called an ambulance and then Manpreet arrived home. She started to administer CPR, but things weren’t looking good.

And indeed they weren’t. Ethan was taken to hospital in an ambulance, only for Charles to return with Manpreet some time later distraught.

Claudette was waiting and Charles said: “He’s gone, Mum. He’s dead, Ethan’s dead.”

Collapsing in tears, Claudette begged: “How could this happen? Young men don’t just drop dead.”

Although Manpreet insisted they didn’t know yet, Charles referenced the hit and run last week and insisted that was what had killed him.

“It’s murder and I swear by almighty God I will not rest until whoever did this pays for what they’ve done,” he said.

Meanwhile, ashen-faced Ruby, who was standing nearby, reeled in shock. Knowing she is probably to blame for his death, which makes her a killer, how will she cope going forward?

Ethan in Emmerdale lies unconscious on the floor as Manpreet performs CPR
Despite Manpreet’s best effort’s, Ethan couldn’t be saved (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

Although Ethan’s death had been rumoured, those watching at home still had plenty to say.

“Ethan’s dead!?? I wasn’t expecting that,” gasped one.

Another added: “Ethan’s dead? What?!”

“Whaaaaat!!! They’ve killed off Ethan  I didn’t see that coming,” shared one more.

A fourth said: “Well that was a shocker, Ems do like to do a random death every now and again.”

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