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Kylie Platt in Coronation Street: her troubled past and killer secret

She was a fan fave and is much missed on the cobbles

Kylie Platt in Coronation Street was the funny, feisty troubled wife of David Platt. She was mum to Max Turner and Lily Platt, and sister of Becky McDonald.

She had a difficult upbringing and a complicated past, but became a devoted wife David.

So what happened to her, and what was her killer secret?

Kylie Platt looks worried as she answers the door in Coronation Street
Kylie was a cobbles favourite (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Kylie comes to Corrie

Kylie’s first appearance in Coronation Street was a confrontation with her estranged sister Becky. Becky and husband Steve had been hoping to adopt, but Kylie had given the agency a bad reference.

It soon became obvious that Kylie herself had a small son, Max, who was in care and who she wanted back.

Kylie got custody of Max with the help of Becky, and promptly sold her tot to her sister for £20k. Nice.

She later demanded more cash from her sis, which Becky paid up on condition Kylie stayed away.

Kylie and Becky
Kylie caused problems for sister Becky (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Marriage to David Platt

Kylie returned to the Street as David Platt’s fiancée, after meeting him on holiday. Becky was horrified – though not as horrified as David’s mum, Gail, who tried to pay Kylie not to marry David.

But it seemed Kyles had actually fallen for David because the pair tied the knot and seemed devoted to one another. Awww.

Their romance hit a bump when Kylie slept with David’s brother, Nick, and later found out she was pregnant.

But the pair reconciled and were relieved when little Lily turned out to be David’s daughter.

Kylie and Nick
Kylie slept with her brother-in-law, Nick (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Killing Callum

Kylie’s ex, and Max’s dad, Callum Turner arrived on the Street, demanding custody of his son.

He was a nasty piece of work but while Kylie and David were desperate to see the back of him, Sarah Platt fell head over heels for the bad boy.

He manipulated Sarah and got her daughter Bethany into trouble, and eventually attacked poor Sarah during the live episode celebrating the 60th anniversary of ITV.

As Callum attacked Sarah, Kylie burst in and hit him over the head, saving Sarah’s life but ending Callum’s!

Sarah, Kylie and David buried Callum in a manhole beneath the house. When his body was later discovered, they managed to pin the blame on Jason Grimshaw’s dad Tony Stewart, who’d recently died and had been publicly feuding with Callum.

David and Kylie bury Callum
David and Kylie buried Callum in a drain at the Platts’ house (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

When and how did Kylie die?

In July 2016, David and Kylie were planning a new life in Barbados with Kylie’s sister, Becky. But Kylie – gobby as ever – stepped in when her friend Gemma Winter was being tormented by teenage tearaway Clayton Hibbs.

Clayton stabbed poor Kylie, and she died in David’s arms on the cobbles. Heartbreaking stuff!

David in Coronation Street craddles bleeding wife Kylie in his arms after she is stabbed
Kylie died in David’s arms (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Why did Paula Lane leave Coronation Street?

Paula was pregnant with her second child when Kylie was killed off. She announced at the time she wanted to take a break to be a mum for a while.

However, speaking to North Wales Live in 2019, Paula revealed she had felt the time was right. She didn’t want to ‘sacrifice her own identity for the role’.

“Some people can’t understand it, they think I was mad,” she admitted. “But there comes a point when actually the love for the job has to come first.

“I took her on every journey she could have gone on really. I mean, [Kylie and her husband David Platt] were great weren’t they? Absolutely fabulous.”

Paula Lane cradles her baby bump on the British Soap Awards red carpet
Paula Lane was pregnant when she left Corrie (Credit:

Who played Kylie and where is Paula Lane now?

Kylie was played by actress Paula Lane. She had already appeared in Doctors and The Royal, before she landed the role of Kylie.

Since leaving Corrie she’s been in Call the Midwife and Father Brown. Paula is also an accomplished stage actress and toured in Kinky Boots.

Last summer she was touring as Phoebe Throssel in Peter Pan author J.M. Barries’ rarely revived farce Quality Street.

However, despite her success on stage, Paula is keen to get back to TV. She told that she was making a “conscious effort” to return to television screens.

“I’ve been really obsessed with Blue Lights at the minute which has just finished on the BBC, which I know is getting a second series. That would be an absolute dream for me to do, something action-packed,” she revealed.

“And I don’t do a bad Belfast accent as well, so we’ll see. But, you know,” she added, “I would love to do a Bridgerton equally as well.”

Paula is married and has two children aged eight and six.

Emmerdale's Paula Lane is standing outside of the Emmerdale village
Ella appears Emmerdale in January (Credit: ITV)

Paula Lane joins Emmerdale

Paula Lane joins Emmerdale this month as newcomer Ella Forster, joining the local GP surgery as the brand new receptionist.

A friend to Mandy Dingle, Ella loses her job at a vet surgery after defending Mandy against her boss at a vet ball. Ella then is offered a job at the Emmerdale GP surgery by Manpreet, soon catching the attention of many villagers.

The 29 year old won’t let people walk all over her though; she can stand her ground when needed.

She’s also set for a romantic spark with another villager as Paula Lane reveals that ‘fireworks’ will go off between the pair.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media recently, Paula revealed why now feels like the right time to join Corrie’s rival soap.

She explained: “I think enough time has passed to be able to branch out and be seen as something different.

“When you are such a familiar face it’s nice to give the audience that bit of a breather. And, I feel like I’ve changed personally as well. It’s a good bit of time that’s passed and that’s healthy.”

Why do people think Kylie Platt is coming back to Corrie?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking! Kylie was a great addition to Corrie and the fans loved her. But sadly we all saw her take her last breaths lying on the cobbles.

There’s no chance of her returning.

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