Coronation Street's Calum Lill as Joel Deering in a promo pic

When will Joel get caught out in Coronation Street? Calum Lill reveals what’s next

He has more young women to target first...

Viewers of the ITV soap Coronation Street will know that the soap revealed who attacked Lauren Bolton last night (Thursday, May 30) – it was Joel.

A flashback saw Joel in Lauren’s flat, hitting her over the head before scarpering with her necklace.

Actor Calum Lill has now revealed when Joel will get caught for Lauren’s ‘murder.’

Coronation Street's Lauren is lying on the floor whilst being attacked
Joel did it! (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Joel attacked Lauren

Yesterday evening on the cobbles, Dee-Dee found out that her partner Joel was representing Nathan.

Nathan was soon charged for the murder of Lauren, as Joel and Dee-Dee kissed and made up in the café whilst celebrating Roy’s prison release.

Joel then headed out to his car and saw Hope standing next to it. She soon handed over a necklace she’d found whilst cleaning his car.

Taking the necklace back, Joel then thought back to when he was in Lauren’s flat. A flashback showed him hitting Lauren over the head before making off with the necklace.

Coronation Street's Calum Lill as Joel Deering in a promo pic
Joel’s time in the Street isn’t over yet (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street actor Calum Lill teases more to come for Joel

With viewers now knowing Joel’s huge secret, Calum Lill has teased that Joel will target more young women in the weeks to come.


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He explained: “It is a repetitive pattern of behaviour, he engages with these young girls and afterwards there is the element of guilt so he tries to be a good person and be better towards Dee-Dee. Then the guilt wears off and he needs another ‘fix’, he has a euphoria/guilt cycle. It is a pattern of destructive behaviour. And we will see in the coming weeks that he is still doing it.”

Coronation Street's Joel is staring into a mirror after killing Lauren
Joel’s been good at keeping things a secret (Credit: ITV)

When will Joel get caught out?

With Joel still looking for new victims, Calum has gone on to suggest that Joel may not get caught out for his crimes for quite some time.

He revealed: “I mean, the longer he hides the more chance there is of him making a mistake. He’s been good so far in that he’s been engaging in this behaviour as long as we have seen him, and Lauren was attacked in February. And no one’s seen him. No one’s caught him out until now but they don’t actually know they have caught him out.

“But I think the longer it goes on for, the more chance he’s got of slipping up and I think he knows that. You can see that in him getting more and more anxious that the slightest thing could bring his world crumbling down around him, you know, even just the fact that he slept with Lauren. That’s a breach of trust alone and will be enough to end his career and relationship plus murder on top of that, his life would be over you know. Everything that he values in his life, his job, his fiancé, his freedom? So the stakes couldn’t be higher. But when he panics, the more chance there is of something going wrong.

Sharing his own hopes for Joel’s future, the actor added: “I hope Joel’s very good at hiding because I really enjoy coming to work, but for soap justice I know that at some point he’s going to be found out.”

But, has Joel got quite a while to go before his world crumbles apart? How much longer will we see Joel on the Street?

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