Simon Barlow’s journey from toddler to teen on Coronation Street

Alex is now 20 and engaged!

Simon Barlow has been in Coronation Street since 2003. But how old is he and who plays him?

From cute toddler to drug-running teen, Simon‘s done a lot during his time on the cobbles.

He is played by actor Alex Bain, who recently got engaged.

Who is Alex engaged to? And does he have any children?

Leanne became a mother figure to Simon (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is Simon Barlow in Coronation Street?

Simon Barlow is the biological son of Peter Barlow and Peter’s second wife Lucy Richards, aka Lucy Barlow.

Simon was born July 6, 2003 meaning he’s currently 18 years old. He’ll turn 19 this year.

In 2008, when Simon was five, Lucy died of breast cancer off-screen. Peter returned to Weatherfield with his son.

Peter eventually started a relationship with Leanne Battersby who became a mother figure to Simon.

Although Peter and Leanne are no longer together, Simon still lives with her and refers to her as ‘mum.’

Over the years Simon has been through a lot, having to deal with the loss of his mum, grandmother Dierdre and his dad’s alcohol addiction.

Simon agreed to start dealing drugs (Credit: ITV)

He even struggled with anger issues as a young teen and began physically abusing Leanne.

And last year he began selling drugs in order to financially support Leanne as she fell apart following the death of her son, Oliver.

Simon got involved with dealer Harvey (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Jacob Hay and Simon Barlow

Jacob was the one who got Simon involved with Harvey. Jacob was awful to Leanne, making horrible comments about her late son Oliver.

After drug dealer Harvey wreaked havoc on the Street, Simon and Leanne were forced to go into hiding after Leanne reported Harvey to the police.

They came back once he was banged up, but Harvey staged a prison break and came looking for Leanne.

Harvey ended up shooting Natasha Blakeman in a case of mistaken identity.

The death left Simon guilt-ridden and he just can’t forgive Jacob for his part in it.

After Harvey went to prison, Jacob came back to the street and began dating Simon’s cousin, Amy Barlow.

Amy’s mum Tracy and dad Steve were also not happy when they discovered Amy and Jacob’s relationship.

Jacob tried to explain he was no longer involved with Harvey or drugs.

Jacob began working at the factory and Simon felt utterly betrayed by stepmum Carla.

However Steve and Tracy began to feel bad for Jacob when they realised how bad his living situation was.

Eventually Simon softened towards Jacob when they found an injured Max.

Simon didn’t know what to do, but Jacob stepped up to help him.

Simon and Jacob talked and the two put the past behind them.

Jacob currently lives with Amy at No.1.

Alex has played Simon for nearly 14 years (Credit:

Who plays Simon Barlow in Coronation Street?

Simon Barlow is currently played by Alex Bain.

In 2003, when the character was a baby, Simon was played by Daniel Whelan and twins Jake and Oscar Hartley.

When Simon returned to the cobbles in 2008, Alex had taken over the role and has played him for the last 13 years.

In real life Alex is 20 years old. He was born in Blackburn on November 25 2001.

Is Alex Bain a dad?

In December 2018, Alex became a dad at 17 when his then-girlfriend Levi Selby gave birth to a daughter.

They named their little girl Lydia-Rose. She is now three years old.

In an interview with Inside Soap last year, he said: “I adore having a child, I really do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But don’t get me wrong, she runs me ragged!

“It was quite nice to take a breather in lockdown, and have time to slow down and watch my daughter grow.

“She actually just started nursery which is pretty scary.”

Alex also proudly revealed his daughter could be following in his performing footsteps.

He said: “My family has always said that I was exactly like she is when I was her age.

“Before COVID she was going to dance classes as well, so she’s really following in her dad’s footsteps. She’s always dancing and singing – it’s great.”

Who is Alex Bain engaged to?

After splitting from Levi in May 2018, when their daughter was eight months old, Alex began dating a dancer named Mollie.

They met through his second job as a choreographer.

He often shares snaps of them together to Instagram.

The pair even declared their love, very openly, on the social media site in 2020.

On their two year anniversary in October 2021 Alex and Mollie got engaged. Alex and Mollie didn’t tell their families until Christmas 2021.

The couple publicly announced their engagement in October 2022.

Coronation Street Simon Barlow looks upset after Natasha's death
Alex credits Corrie with ‘keeping him going’ through a mental health struggle (Credit: ITV)

Opening up about his mental health

Last year Alex opened up about his struggle with mental health.

Speaking about his past he told Entertainment Daily and other media: “I went through quite a few tough times in school, even from primary, because of being the only male dancer.

“Especially when I was at primary school, you know, kids can be horrible. They can truthfully be horrible.

“I never saw it as bullying, but it’s that naïve lack of awareness, as a child especially.”

Sharing his experience of confronting his mental health, Alex said: “I have struggled with mental health – I’m open about it. I talk about it all the time.

“But I’ve been through some dark times, and I think if I didn’t stick at the job that I’m in now, I would have been lost. Corrie has kept me going.”

Alex opened up about his struggle with mental health (Credit: ITV)

Alex loves being a dad

In addition to the soap, Alex also credits his family for keeping him going, including Lydia and Mollie.

He added: “My family has kept me going and having a daughter as well, that keeps me going, gives me something to do.

“I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend, her name’s Mollie and she’s always been there for me, because she’s struggled as well, she’s a performer too.

“My family have been great and have always looked after me. They just said: ‘You go in your own lane, don’t listen to what people say, because they’re the people who are jealous of what you’ve got.’

“It has been a struggle over the years, but I think now I’m on the up.”

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