Emmerdale comp image of Ethan Anderson looking worried and collapsed on the floor (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Emmerdale: Ethan has survived Ruby’s attack, but will he be so lucky next time? All that happens next!

Nicky's mum was out for revenge and ran Ethan over

Ethan Anderson was hit by a car in Emmerdale tonight driven by Ruby Fox-Miligan. Although Ethan seemingly walked away with just a few cuts and bruises, Ruby soon issued a chilling threat.

So, will Ethan be so lucky next time? Next week in Emmerdale is lining up to huge…

Ethan in Emmerdale lies in the road after being hit by a car
This time Ethan seemingly walked away (Credit: ITV)

Ethan mowed down in Emmerdale

The Miligans and Dingles have been less than pleased that Ethan has been walking around the village while Nicky lies in a coma in hospital.

Ethan was driving when he crashed the car carrying him and Nicky. But because he was slightly over the limit, Ethan didn’t want to jeopardise his new job, so fled the seen leaving Moira, who was passing, to tend to Nicky.

Nicky has since been in a coma after suffering a bleed on the brain, while Ethan at first pretended he hadn’t been involved. But after confessing to his dad, Charles reported him to the police and Ethan was arrested. The cops also have dashcam footage proving Ethan was driving, which makes the case pretty clear cut.

Despite Ethan facing an almost-certain stretch in prison, it wasn’t enough for Ruby, who is desperate for her son to wake up. She decided to take matters into her own hands and knocked Ethan down while he was out on his morning run on Wednesday May 22.

Although Ethan claimed he was okay and he didn’t see who was driving, it was was clear he did know.

Caleb and Ruby in Emmerdale look tired and angry as they see Ethan
Ruby has made it clear she’s out for blood (Credit: ITV)

Ruby confronts Ethan

Later, Ruby was waiting in the shadows of Ethan’s kitchen to make it clear she had been driving the car. Ethan told her he knew and had seen her. He added that they were now even

She retaliated that she didn’t care and that with Nicky still in a coma, there was no way they were even.

Ruby then told him: “You better look both ways every time you cross the street, because if Nicky doesn’t make it, be assured I will finish the job.”

She left Ethan shaking in fear and upset as he contemplated what she said.

Ethan in Emmerdale lies unconscious on the floor as Manpreet performs CPR
Things take another dramatic turn next week (Credit: ITV)

Does Ethan die in Emmerdale?

As Ethan gears up for his court hearing next week, he overhears a shocking conversation between Ruby and Rose. Ethan immediately starts to worry for Dawn and decides to use his last few hours of freedom to help her.

Ethan confides in Charles and his dad encourages him to call Dawn. So Ethan leaves her a voicemail.

Father and son then have a heartfelt conversation while preparing for court. Charles heads into the kitchen momentarily and returns to find Ethan collapsed on the floor.

Manpreet rushes in and administers CPR as helpless Charles watches on. Ethan remains unresponsive.

Terrified Charles fears the worst, but will Ethan pull through? Is this because of the hit and run? Or has Ruby finished the job as promised?

Will Ethan die in next week’s Emmerdale?

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